As we head into the final month of the year, see what your December 2023 horoscopes have in store

december horoscopes 2023

Can you believe that we've made it to the end of the year and your December 2023 horoscopes are here? Give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back, perhaps indulge in a new skincare treasure, or even treat yourself to something a bit more lavish. Time has literally slipped through our fingers, and we owe this elusive trip to Saturn’s voyage into Pisces since March.

On the 13th, Mercury retrograde retraces its steps into Capricorn, potentially reintroducing themes that it brought to light at the inception of 2023. As we kick off the festive party season in Sagittarius and settle into the embrace of Capricorn season from the 21st. Iconic figures like Sade, Issa Rae, and Dolly Parton don the sea goat crest. So, if you want to absorb some of the Capricorn sparkle, embrace the mantra ‘work hard and play harder’ December unfolds as a bustling cosmic month, urging us to end old chapters and craft a visionary myth for the year to come. Happy new year to you and yours in advance!


As you embody the spirit of the one and only ‘Ayra Stark’ your mission is to lead and guide with unwavering conviction. With Mercury in Capricorn moving into your house of public recognition, those in your orbit will be observing your every move.

The weight of responsibility rests upon you, but make sure that you’re meeting your own needs and desires first. So, dedicate yourself to projects and ideas that truly ignite your passion. During the earlier part of the year, Jupiter's was spinning in your sign supporting you to reach uncharted territories, and the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 13th acts as a portal to reflect on the spaces that gifted you with the most significant growth. Where would you like to explore to the deepest depths? Go there.

As Mercury embarks on its retrograde journey, expect probing questions about the way your career trajectory has taken you on this year. If you’re ready for a creative change, new options at the crossroads are revealed.
It’s ironic how the last Full Moon in Cancer lands in your house of family on the 27th. Typically at this time of year, it’s hard to dodge strange family members. But, funnily enough this time round you might just see eye to eye. Or at least, you’ll have another saga to write in your journal.


Who do you want by your side throughout the seasons? In the ups and downs of life, having comrades you can call on at all hours becomes an unspoken rule. As Venus transitions into Scorpio on the 5th, awakening you to your intimate desires in your relationships, it prompts you to voice your changing needs. Perhaps, you’ll discover your relationship values have shifted, and that’s okay - you just need to communicate what makes you tick.

Tis’ the season of invitation galore, and with the boost of the New Moon in your house of intimate connections, a powerhouse figure can support you on your mission. But, first you have to spend some time away from the bright lights to know what’s written on your heart. In the moonlight ambiance of the Full Moon in Cancer on the 27th, heartfelt conversations may help mend broken connections - just in time before the 2023 curtains close. Dust off those vintage photo albums to add to the mood.

Venus moves into your house of inner power on the 30th. Giving you a clearer scope to plot your ambitious goals to precision. Whereas, Jupiter has been shining down on you since May, and he finally goes direct on the 31st, adding some extra seasoning to get clear on your art deco vision for 2024.


While it’s undoubtedly the season for indulging in all the festive treats you can get your hands on, Venus moves into your house of health and routine. So, ask yourself if your cravings are worth the cost of a hangover the next day - you may feel it a little harder than usual. The New Moon in Sagittarius springboard into your zone of relationships on the 13th.

Embrace any and all inspirations which come through by other people, as you may be introduced to new ideas or inventions that may get your mind ticking of possibilities. Don’t lock yourself into your own thought patterns by thinking you know best

We all know Mercury the trickster, has his own way of playing life’s game. So, with this year’s Mercury Retrograde entering your house of intimate liaisons on the 13th it’s key that you don’t play into the paranoia. If there are any trust issues that have been simmering underneath the surface of your connections, make some room to address each one. Leaving no stone unturned.

With the Full Moon in Cancer waltzing into your house of security on the 26th, paired with Venus in Sagittarius moving knocking at your relationship door on the 13th. Ask yourself ‘How do my relationships with others influence my sense of security within myself?’


If your dating life has taken a backseat as of late, anticipate a shift in your romantic department as Venus graces your zone of courtship. Instead of moving towards you think about whether you keep attracting the same ‘type’ of character. Because this time round you’ll be able to refine traits you need for a connection to go the distance.

The New Moon in Sagittarius steps in as your personal trainer on the 13th, supporting you to double down on new and improved daily rituals. How can you prioritise your mind, body and soul first before you tick off your to-do lists? Whether it's a fitness regimen, a book club, or a cooking class, these rituals serve as vital anchors, grounding you through the remainder of the year. Mercury retrograde in Capricorn looms over your one to one connections on the 13th, and you may have an unexpected DM land in your inbox. Or, you might gamble your pride and send a risky text or two.

A climactic moment awaits as the Full Moon in Cancer lights your place of identity on the 27th. How can you wipe the mirror clean and become more ‘you’? You’ll feel it in your bones, guiding you towards a more renewed and authentic iteration of how you choose to exist in the world.


On the 5th, Venus cruises into your house of family, roots and foundations. Like devotees presenting offerings at the entrance of a Goddess temple, this is your moment to decide what emotional currencies are required for entry into your private space. As the New Moon in Sagittarius upgrades your creative arena on the 13th, a fresh initiation is on the horizon. How can you act on your creativity without needing the world to validate your ideas? Picasso once said ‘everything you can imagine is real.’

Exercise caution in your organisational landscape this month, as Mercury retrograde shuffles his feet into your house of work on the 13th. Missing a crucial deadline may slow down a long term project that you want to get off the ground for the early part of 2024. By time the Full Moon in Cancer hits on the 27th, it’ll peel away the smokescreen behind any delulu daydreams. While realism lacks fantasy, at least you can take creative control over important decisions.


Before you head into 2024, this is a perfect time to take stock of your creative collaborations. Venus moves into Scorpio on the 5th, holding the clipboard and pen. Assessing whether they still feel aligned to your combined mission, or if they have revered off course.

But don’t worry, the New Moon in Sagittarius on 13th, hops into your zone of emotional expansion. Opening up the room to feel into how you’d like to manoeuvre your goals in the new year. And, to bring more ease as you begin to form a plan, add some texture to your humble abode: egyptian bed linen, sage incense, and anything that makes you feel grounded and present. Make it decadent, homely and snug - so long as your sanctuary feels like you can execute your best work.

As a sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication goes retrograde into your house of tantra and flirtation on the 13th. The stage is set to get more intimate with your body, and less trapped into your mind.

Who has had your back all year? The Cancer full moon on the 27th, cracks your heart wide open, so show extra love to those who have held you down like a rock. We can’t do this journey alone, and so a little acknowledgment to your loved ones can go a long way.


Welcome to investment season, meaning you get to decide how you want to direct and instruct your elevation inside and out. When Venus in Scorpio pirouettes into your realm of abundance on 5th, remember that you’re priceless just as you are.

With the New Moon in Sagittarius landing in your house of travel on the 13th, remember you don’t need to buy your way into high calibre spaces to be worth a dime. The true work is cultivating your inner confidence, so you can be free to show up unfiltered and unmasked.

Mercury's retrograde quest on the 13th stirs the depths of your vulnerability from the base of your chart. Wind down for the rest of the year, no matter how many distractions try to tug at your ankles. FOMO is as real as you make it to be.

What dreams and wishes would you like to carry over into 2024? Under the spell of the Full Moon in Cancer on the 27th unlocks the secret doors to your career imagination, trying together the pieces of your visions that you can’t leave behind in 2023.


The radiant goddess Venus is in your home sign from the 5th, granting you the freedom to spread your wings wherever makes you feel adored and respected. And, as you’ve seen through another 365 days, go and celebrate your wins. Even if the full scope of the vision board didn’t come to light, there’s enough room to roll it over to 2024.

The Sagittarius New Moon, graces your zone of financial prosperity on the 13th. Take it as a cue to get savvy with money. Think Molly’s Game without the illegal consequences. Treat it as a playful venture, perhaps a passion project can readily build into a sturdy foundation in the future.

On the 13th, Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn takes place in your emotional landscape, pushing your nostalgic buttons. What new horizons do you want to touch next year? The Cancer Full Moon on the 27th gently nudges you to pack your bags, preparing you for a new exciting chapter. As Drake once said ‘YOLO’


Old colleagues, childhood friends, and past tinder dates may strangely creep into your mind. Venus, the ruler of relationships, descends into your house of blasts from the past on the 5th. Consider tucking a pair of shades in your pocket, particularly if you’re not in the mood for awkward reunions. Yet, on the other hand, the mistletoe season might make way for a chance of reconciliations that can thaw out the ice.

As the New Moon in Sagittarius lights the way for your authenticity to shine on the 13th, it serves as a compass guiding you back to your core essence. Even if the past year has felt like you’ve been spinning on your heels, this is your time to strip it all back to prioritise your wellbeing.

Amidst the seasonal festivities, Mercury retrograde enters your sphere of daily tasks on 13th, tempting you with distractions that can lead you astray. Before committing to a new project, ponder if you genuinely have the time to see it through without burning out. What are your creative visions asking you to create in the here and now? Keep it simple, and low budget. The Full Moon in Cancer on the 27th, empowers you to rebirth like a phoenix into your creative fires.


Throughout history, we’ve learned that sticking to the safe and predictable path leaves us without an adventure to tell in our golden years. So, harness the Sagittarius New Moon on the 13th, to make a seemingly unconventional choice about your next steps. Picture a safety net woven by the universe itself underneath you - what new choices would you make?

The Mercury retrograde journey’s in your own sign, it’s key to recognise where you think you can communicate more effectively. Make a conscious effort to ensure that your intentions don’t get lost in translation.

However, if someone has repeatedly shown you that they are committed to misunderstanding you, don’t waste your time trying to appease their manipulation tactics. Book in a friendsmas gathering, as the Full Moon in cancer arrives in your relationship zone on the 27th. Prompting you to call on your chosen family, so slide your career goals to the left. The only lasting joy is who we break bread with.


An excellent time for moving in new circles, kicks off with Venus moving into your place of friendships on the 5th. When you see the world through someone else's eyes, you get to see the backdoors to enter new opportunities.

With the New Moon spotlighting your 12th house of dreams on the 13th, buy a brand new notebook to write down creative ideas that you’re getting ready to give birth into the world.

When Mercury retrograde moves into your house of tangible assets on the 13th, nail down your sources of security. Consider the efforts you're willing to invest to nurture comfort and simplicity in your life. Start to craft new ideas you can pin on your wall, the Full Moon in Cancer on the 27th in your 6th house can support you to alchemise them into a realistic form.


December pushes you to focus on your future visions, creativity and worldly exploration. Venus entices you to mix and mingle with new tribe members in the outback like Frodo Baggins when she moves into your zone of global exploration on the 5th.

But first, you have to be willing to travel with uncertainty about where you’ll settle on the map. Whereas, the Sagittarius New Moon lands in your zone of career succession on the 13th, helping you to garner the audacity to expand what you want for yourself in the new year. Daring you to stretch your capacity for big picture thinking.

Full Moon’s are best for stargazing and sipping on some herbal tea for self reflection, and in the sign of Cancer, your creative intuition can quantum leap into the future on the 27th. Slowly but surely, how you can muster up more faith and courage to show your surrealist (and original) ideas to a bigger audience.

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