What are angel numbers? A guide to the phenomenon and why they may occur

The idea of fate or divine intervention in our lives is one that feels fickle at the best of times. However, it's difficult even still to not tax our lives with forethought, and to continue fumbling around in the dark for any signs of a pre-lain path, or a message from above.

Many of us believe everything happens for a reason, that there is a plan lay afoot for all of us and even in times where we cannot understand why, there is a higher purpose to our being. One sign of this can come from angel numbers, something you may have encountered previously yet been blissfuly unaware of what they are. To learn more about this phenomenon and what they mean for you, read on to discover just what angel numbers are.


What are angel numbers?

In numerology, angel numbers are sequences containing repetition, usually consisting of three or four numbers (111 or 2222) and may also include patterns (123, 4545). While they appear in ordinary setting, the digits capture our attention, even if only for seconds, and can inspire a curiosity and wonder. It is believed these numbers are messages from the spiritual universe that can offer insight and direction to us and whether you assign them to angels, guides or spirits, the numbers give us an insight on complicated situations and can shed light on themes you may currently be experiencing in your life.


Where do angel numbers originate?

The significance of angel numbers has been around for thousands of years, stemming back to integral parts of society.  Angel numbers date back to Ancient Greek civilisation with philosopher Pythagoras believing our reality is the physical manifestation of the vibration of numbers.


Why are angel numbers important?

Angel numbers differ from other esoteric practices mainly through the fact they are not linked to your birth information, like zodiac signs and birth charts are. They are not determined by your date, time or location of birth.

While zodiac signs offer an insight into our lives, tastes and individual preferences, angel numbers allow us to glimpse the ways we are moving through the world, rather than who we are as a person. They are extremely fluid, meaning you may be followed by one angel number for many years or you may experience it as a one off event. It’s important to note a connection isn’t more meaningful if you experience it multiple times, rather it just matters that you are paying enough attention to identify the number.


Where do you find angel numbers?

Part of the alluring mystique of angel numbers is their ability to appear in ordinary settings including clocks, phones, busses and page numbers. Many speculate angel numbers appear in mundane settings as a means of the spirit universe intentionally providing a reminder that you are moving through something greater than your day-to-day life; that there is purpose to what you are doing. This is especially prescient if angel numbers appear when you are going through a period of turmoil or feeling lost as it can feel like a beacon of what may be to come.


What do they mean?

There are many common sequences of angel numbers, including:

  • 000 or 0000: Zero is associated with new opportunities and signify a fresh start, of you being at the beginning of a new cycle.
  • 111 of 1111: A powerful manifestation figure, this is an opportunity to set an intention and is seen as a light from the universe to work towards your future with intention.
  • 222 or 2222: Two suggests balance, trust and alignment and experiencing it in a sequence can mean someone is helping you to reach where you need to be.
  • 333 or 3333: A treble of three is more than just a bus to Bondi Beach. Three indicates magnetic creativity, meaning you have the opportunity to add your talents to a situation.
  • 444 or 4444: A symbol of stabilisation, four suggest you are grounding and cultivating an ecosystem that is made to last. If you see a four, don’t be afraid to ask for help from others.
  • 555 or 5555: When a sequence of fives is observed, this signals major change may be on the horizon, especially so if you have felt despondent and stuck.
  • 666 or 6666: While associated with the Devil, six has supportive, empathetic nature in angel numbers. It is a reminder to treat yourself with kindness and be patient.
  • 777 or 7777: Experiencing seven as an angel number can signal good fortune on the way, especially with your finances.
  • 888 or 8888: A divine number of numerology, observing eight in angel numbers reflects a powerful connection to the spiritual universe. If you believe in an afterlife, consider it a sign of support from loved ones who have crossed over.
  • 999 or 9999: Through being the final digit in numerology, nine represents a chapter coming to an end, that a cycle is closing and you are soon to begin a new journey in life.

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