What does this month’s New Moon in Scorpio mean for you?

What does this month's New Moon Scorpio mean for you?

Over the past month, we’ve been plunged into the underworld of our society. Collectively, we’re confronting our ethics and the profound complexities that humanity has grappled with since ancient times. We can’t close our blinds and pretend that we can’t see the horror and the shadows on the wall. And, this New Moon in Scorpio on November 13th at 8:27pm urges us not to shy away, but to boldly examine every facet of our shared existence.

The Scorpio emblem is the ‘Shaman’ and this figure guides us to remember that the road to true growth requires us to cultivate the will to change - which often comes with many rounds of rebirths. Reaching into the depths, this New Moon pulls us into anything but shallow waters. So, we have no choice but to accept the challenge to take a one way ticket into Kansas city. And at our arrival, we’ll be asked to sacrifice our psychological entanglements that are tying us into a bind.


Upgrading your self-care rituals

At this point, it’s well-known that the Pluto in Scorpio generation (aka the Millennials) have driven a healing revolution. Even Sanford Health fittingly coined them ‘the wellness generation’
Most of us have peeped the criticism of the elitist lens of wellness, and so we all know that real self-care is more than just a ‘Goop-gimmick’ And so, this is an extension to deepen our commitment to heal from the inside out. Ask yourself ‘how can I integrate healing practices in my day to day, rather than just a one-off treat? When harnessed wholesomely, this is a powerfully restorative portal.

Sharing your story can heal invisible wounds

Who doesn’t love a coming-of-age story, where we get to witness life’s uncomfortable growing pains. In ‘Perks of being a wallflower’ the film left us with the iconic line "Secrets are what keep us sick." The Scorpio terrain can make us so comfortable in the dark, that we may sometimes forget to step into the light. When we keep secrets, it can often wall us into our own gated castle. Creating an invisible gap between ourselves and our loved ones that can become tricky to close. Unlocking a window into your heart, can help you to release feelings of shame, and perhaps even guilt. Take an inventory check of different areas of your life, and note where you feel as though you are holding on to past baggage. By lightening our loads we can begin to see that the past doesn’t have to keep us on the hamster wheel.


Empowering others through money and time

Whilst Mars in Scorpio will be coupled up with his New Moon, he reminds us that we can know our strength more intimately when we partner with other star players. If you didn’t know, Scorpio is ruled by both Mars and Pluto. And, in mythology Pluto’s castle was crafted out of silver and gold, symbolising his role as the God of wealth. This New Moon offers a glimpse into how we can extend our wealth and time to empower and uplift our community. Look around you, or even into the digital landscape, a growing number of us are stepping away from individualistic norms, advocating that community is a priceless resource. It leaves me wondering: what tactics would Tank and Dozer engineer to disrupt ‘The Machine’?


Breaking free from the chains of systems that fail to honour our true authenticity

The heavy weight radical planet Uranus is in the ring, antagonising us to uncover where we may have compromised our voice. Have you ever silently disagreed with a commitment you made, even though your heart was yelling to opt out in the first place? In essence, our personal agency is given utmost priority, and if you’ve been forcing ourselves into structures that aim to mould you into neat little matrix cubicles - you’ll feel it bubble up underneath your skin.

Scorpio’s unflinching nature demands a profound level of truth, which can be a painful process, yet ultimately liberating. Some of us might have to admit, where we’ve compromised our values to gain recognition, wealth or even a cheap co-sign. When we look to anything outside of us to validate our worth, it will always be a losing game. Given that the rebellious Uranus currently resides in Taurus, it’s the extra ‘sprinkle’ we need to reflect on how we can maintain our integrity whilst we climb our ambitious ladders.


Embracing impermanence can lead to liberation

Scorpio is a fixed sign in astrology, meaning that it can be as stubborn as moving a brick wall with bare hands. But, remarkably it embraces the interstellar passage into ‘The Great Unknown’ With the art of detachment this New Moon invites us to surrender our deepest fears - knowing that impermanence is the only constant. A practice that can help you to harness this cosmic portal is ‘Uketamo’ Originating in Japan, it simply means to "I humbly accept with an open heart." Every ending comes with a new beginning, and every beginning comes with an end. Perhaps, by letting go of control we can trust that there is a deeper meaning behind all things, encounter awe-inspiring beauty, and grant ourselves the grace that we deserve.


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