Your Pisces horoscope predictions for 2023 have officially landed

pisces horoscope 2023

Your dreamy, psychic-sponge sign is entering a three-year Saturn transit this year, beginning in March. This has the potential to be so, so wonderful for you and how you live and express your solar energy. Your Sun represents your core identity, the separate self, the (good) ego self. To be a Pisces is as if being a single drop in the ocean while being tapped into the entire ocean at the same time. Your individuality – depending on what house your Sun falls in – may have felt as if it took time to really solidify, like it took time to feel where the boundaries of you end and another person begins. And, unless you had some magical parents who taught you how to ‘practise energetic hygiene’ as a child, you may not have learnt how to stay within yourself versus energetically merging with your environment. 

Cue Saturn. The planet of 3D reality, of form and structure and boundaries, discipline and self-responsibility.  Saturn is often referred to as the lord of karma. During a Saturn transit, your external world shows you, very clearly, the harvest of the seeds you have been planting and nurturing. Is the world that you have been cultivating coming from your own inbuilt instinctual antennae of desires and wants and needs? Are your dreams your own? Saturn is your 3D structure, it is your form. Use the energies of this transit to ground into and discern more of yourself. 

Saturn transits look at the foundations of wherever they touch. Over the next three years it is your Sun, your life force, your personality that will be under the spotlight, with a view to strengthening the foundation of you. 

As the ethereal and empathic Sun sign of the Zodiac, you can sense and feel and vision the intel of your environment and the people around it, which is fabulous if you know how to use your innate psychic abilities. If you haven’t trained this skill into a switch that you can turn on and off then begin to contemplate, am I the conduit of my own intel? Am I attuned to Me, first and foremost? If this all sounds like some esoteric scramble, then let’s get very practical here: how do you embody yourself? How do you attune to you?

Here are some practical tips: carry a notebook around with you for a week or a month and begin to take note of what is enriching your energy and what is depleting it. Carve out daily time alone – even if it is 10 minutes – where you are not taking in any stimulation from the outside world, including music. By being alone, in your own energy, you begin to associate, clearly, with your own signature, your own feel. The more you hang out in your energy, the more you are attuning to you. After spending time with this exercise, begin to observe how you are among others. Do you stay tethered to yourself or are you immediately in another person’s energy, taking in their mood and emotional state? The more you attune to yourself, the more you are receptive to your own intuitive intel. This Saturn transit offers your sign a season of practicality and real-world application – use it to your advantage and land your natural crystal visions into the tangible world. 

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