These are the star signs with the best sense of humour

Some signs are prone to passion. Others rule as the extroverts. Then there are the ones that are deeply in touch with their sensitivities and also the ones you can always trust and count on.

But what about the energetic comedians? Are signs that tend to have a sharper sense of humour than the rest? Certainly! There are a select few that know how to tell a tale that will have you in stitches – and you'll want them around in both your lightest and darkest moments. Below, find our list of the funniest star signs in the zodiac. It's scientific, obviously.



The queens of wit, Leos know how to turn it on when they want to. Their unique style of storytelling, full of hyperbole and wild twists will have you cackling. It's likely that some of the funniest and most memorable stories you've been told come courtesy of a Leo. Their flair for the dramatic side of things works in their favour here. Leos have the ability to entertain an entire room with their witty antics.



The goof balls of the zodiac, Sagittarius has an infectious laugh and a good nature. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet associated with "merriment" – as such Sagittarius has long been labelled "the fun one". The one with the best travel stories, exciting scenarios and engaging conversations. This is the sign that starts the in-jokes, chimes in with quick quips and has one of those laughs that makes everyone else around them laugh.



The reigning champion of Cards Against Humanity, Scorpios have a darker sense of humour. Sarcastic and dry, if you love to laugh at quick quips that go beyond the obvious, Scorpios will have you chuckling with jokes that you'll remember and think about for days on end. Their humour is subtler than some of the other signs, but sharper, a little obscure and multilayered. It's all part of what makes Scorpio one of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac. And if you're the butt of one of their jokes, you have my sincerest condolences.



These natural talkers are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so of course one of their talents is humour. Their style is more about observational-style comedy and finding wit in the everyday. They're known to also be a little self-deprecating all in good fun and favour silliness like puns and slapstick styles – anything that will keep those around them laughing. There's a reason Geminis have a reputation as social butterflies, people love to be around these cheeky bundles of energy and who can blame them?


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