Your March horoscopes have arrived: Find out what’s in store for the month ahead


Out with the old, in with the new. We begin the month in mutable and mystical Pisces (the final sign on the Zodiac wheel and hence symbolic of the wisdom that comes with age and experience). On the 20th, we then inaugurate the astrological New Year in Aries (the first sign of the Zodiac and hence symbolic of youth and action). Two very different energies: Pisces is mysterious, sensitive, and empathetic; Aries is me-first, swaggering, and agog with energy.

These contrasts between the two seasons, however, are perhaps less important this month than the year’s most major transit, which occurs on March 7th. That’s when malefic Saturn crosses into Pisces (after three tough years in Aquarius). Expect the Saturn ingress into the Fishes to feel somewhat uncomfortable, like a dinner conversation between people who have little in common—Pisces wants to merge; Saturn to keep its distance (awkward silence ensues). Accordingly, we are all going to feel somewhat in limbo energetically to start the month.

To continue our dinner metaphor, should we dress casual and loose (Pisces) or buttoned-up in Berlin black (Saturn)? In other words, expect heightened anxieties around the tension between freedom (Pisces) and responsibility (Saturn) in early March. By the time we hit Aries on the 20th, though, we should experience some course correction. Jupiter and Mercury will both be in the Ram, a set of placements that portend beaucoup verve and focus for work and play.


It’s your season, with the Sun in your sign: everything should feel grand. But this month things are different. Why? Grim Saturn enters Pisces, starting on March 7th. What’s more, it camps there for three years. In other words, you officially begin your Sun/Saturn transit, or for those of you with Saturn in Pisces - your “Saturn Return”. These are notoriously rough transits through your Identity zone, during which Saturnal themes (maturing, getting serious, losing a sense of play) predominate. Your watery, flowing nature could feel restricted by the Taskmaster Planet, especially around its ingress on the 7th. Thoughts of the beach may well turn to bureaucracy. Indeed, Saturn in this part of the chart wants discipline and responsibility. On the 20th, the Sun shifts into initiatory Aries to start the astrological New Year–a perfect date to start getting into Saturnal shape by deflating the party balloons and, say, outlining a three-year financial plan (Saturn loves these kinds of long term goals). Ultimately, the theme of this Saturn Return is getting serious about yourself. What do you want to do? Who do you want to love? Where do you want to go?


Until the 16th, you’ve got both Benefics (Venus and Jupiter) living it up in your Identity Zone to start the month (excellent).Venus (Love) and Jupiter (Luck) in this part of the chart augur loving yourself but also showing a more tender side to others. You can be somewhat rough-about-the-edges, but those who get a glimpse past the Martian armour with which you protect yourself know there is an innocent, youthful, and fiercely loyal aspect to you. These are the kinds of traits people can expect with this Venus/Jupiter placement to start March, before Planet Love leaves on the 16th. On the 20th, the Aries Sun then moves into your Identity zone, joining Jupiter. Here, we can expect a bit of a tone shift from Venusian cuddles to a more typical “me-first” Aries attitude. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. The astrological New Year begins, and you have places to be and territories to conquer. Aries fire in your 1st House will fuel your quests.


Until the 16th, your ruler, sweet Venus, transits brash Aries, a slightly unhappy place for Planet Love. You and Venus like to take things slow and sensual. Adolescent Aries prefers things fast and hot. Not your vibe. As such, romance might feel a bit shallow to start the month. However, it deepens when Venus comes home to your sign on the 16th. Much better. Venus-in-Taurus is like Netflix and ice cream–made for comfort and calories. On March 7th, Saturn moves out of Aquarius and into Pisces, where it will be impacting your Friendship zone for the next three years. Saturn brings restrictions. Around this March 7th ingress, you may find yourself limiting the number of people you spend time with. Saturn in this part of the chart is about subtracting and focusing on what matters. This will be an overarching theme for you until 2026–separating the wheat from the social media chaff.


Your forecast: cloudy skies to start the month, sunny ones to end it. To wit: chatty Mercury, your ruler, is debilitated in watery Pisces until March 17th. Planet Messenger does not like this wishy-washy sign. Things get slowed down, confused, unclear, and mystical there. Too much poetry, not enough prose. Mercury works best (and you benefit, accordingly) when it can send its cosmic text messages unhindered. Being in Pisces (the oldest sign in the Zodiac) is like forcing Mercury to use the Fishes’ Nokia flip phone to communicate. Not good. On the 17th, Mercury moves into ambitious and youthful Aries. This is a much better spot for you and your planet. Expect deals to get done, memos written, and writer's block destroyed. The only concern might be moving too fast–that is, sending out contracts or copy or emails ridden with costly errors. Make sure to proofread for mistakes and tone (Aries can be gruff and rude—and you don’t want that in communications to a supervisor, colleague, friend, or even foe).


It always helps to know where our two heavyweights—grim Saturn and expansive Jupiter—are in a chart (especially as they shift between signs). Saturn will be doing so on March 7th, after a three year jag in Aquarius. Now, the Taskmaster Planet is set to take up residence in watery Pisces until 2026, where it will be specifically impacting your sector of Spirituality and Higher Learning. Saturn is the planet of lack and restriction, so wherever it hits a chart tends to prove challenging in that area. Insofar as Saturn aspects go, though, this one will thankfully form a helpful “trine” with your Sun-in-Cancer. Having Saturn in a trine (auspicious 120 degree angle between planets) brings out the best in it, namely support for longer term goals. On the 7th, align with the Taskmaster by considering what you want to achieve in terms of education, learning, spirituality, or travel in the next three years. These should be serious objectives–nothing frivolous. Another big day: the 20th. Jupiter is joined by the Sun in your Career zone for a month. This transits augurs recognition at work and/or expanded professional opportunities.


The first part of your month—mystical and murky. The second part—fiery and fun. Until the 20th, you’ve got the otherworldly Sun-in-Pisces activating your zone of Intimacy (sex, transformation, debt, death, and taxes). This section of a chart teems with occult energy. It’s about merging and liminal experiences. Pisces, too, has much to do with spiritual seeking. With this double wave of watery New Age reverie in your chart until the 20th, your fiery nature could feel somewhat dampened, like a cat in a bath. But perhaps the Cosmos is saying that some kind of purificatory detox and/or spiritual practice is necessary during this transit? You will start to dry off on the 20th, when the Sun shifts into Aries and your Travel zone. Other than Leo, there is no better place for the Sun than the rambunctious Ram. Start planning a trip now for some place nice and sunny to align with this auspicious solar transit in your 9th House of Travel. Another reason to shine? Saturn, grim overload, leaves your Relationship zone after three long years there. This has been a rough transit—but now it’s time to feel wiser toward romance, but also lighter about love.


Mercury, your ruler, is stuck in Pisces until March 17th. Planet Messenger is both in its “detriment” and its “fall” here (translation: rough start to March).

Why? Mercury wants to move fast, get things done, exchange goods and services, identify problems, and offer best-in-class solutions. Watery Pisces stymies all that. This contrasting energy will impact your Relationship zone until mid-month. Here, we can expect classic phone-checking for a love-interest to message, or feeling like a partner is yammering more than usual. In other words, anticipate communication around relationship matters to feel slow and/or circuitous. In the midst of all this, pay particular attention around March 7th. That’s when frowning Saturn also moves into your Relationship zone for three-years (!). This is a big transit in an important part of the chart. Sober Saturn is a commitment planet. Conversations about heavy-duty relationship themes (Saturn+Mercury) that seem like they aren’t necessarily going anywhere (Pisces) could manifest around this date. March 7th notwithstanding, an overarching theme for you over the next few years will be getting serious about relationships, during this Saturn placement. On the 17th, Mercury switches into reckless Aries, where it activates your Intimacy zone. This is a much better transit for you. Aries wants action. After all that slow-talk in Pisces, this Mercury jaunt will be more about best-in-class solutions in the boudoir, peppered with Aries-hot erotic talk.


Your ruling planet, Venus, joins lucky Jupiter in your Relationship zone until March 16th. This sounds great on paper. Love (Venus) and Luck (Jupiter) with partnerships. But let’s add a layer of complication. Both Venus and Jupiter will be camped in adolescent Aries, while they cross your Relationship sector, meaning there could be a kind of regression to teenage behaviours. Accordingly, you might feel the old erotic charge for a partner–or you could get embroiled in petty, moody teenage-esque tantrums. Venus tends to get dragged down by the youth of Aries (which doesn’t bode well for relationships). Luckily, on the 16th, Planet Love moves into Taurus, the other sign it rules. Here,Venus can settle down from the Aries heat and get more comfortable at home in the Bull. Romance should feel deeper, especially given that Venus will be activating the Intimacy sector of your chart. Venus-in-Taurus is all about feeling loved, safe, and secure, all of which are prerequisites, of course, for intimate connection. Ultimately, you have a more grown-up placement from mid-March onward and can therefore expect more grown-up romance (sharing anxieties, dreams, and desires without fear of reprisal).


Two big transits for you this month. The first occurs toward the end of it, when your ruling planet, war-like Mars, finally moves out of Gemini on the 25th. Planet War has been huffing and puffing in the Twins for seven months. In essence, Gemini represents scattered energy for Mars/Scorpio–lots of thoughts, lots of chit chat, not much emotional investment. You like things deep and Mars needs direction: Gemini, breezy and mutable, provides neither. Suffice to say, this has been a tough time for your ruler. That changes somewhat on the 25th, when Mars ingresses Cancer (and activates your Spirituality sector). Put energy (Mars) and care (Cancer) into spiritual practices in order to centre yourself, after the flightiness of the past seven months. The other big transit: Saturn moving into your Romance and Fun zone on March 7th. Fun expresses itself in different ways. For Saturn, commitment and responsibility give this planet joy. Saturn is also about longevity. With this energy impacting your Romance zone, you may find yourself looking before you leap into love. Saturn will be in this part of your chart for three years—that could mean a lot of looking before leaping.


Red hot transits, Sadge. Lucky. Your ruling planet, glorious Jupiter, is joined by ritzy Venus in your Romance zone until 16th. It might not get any better than that–-Planet Love has its “joy” in this part of the chart (and Jupiter brings luck and largesse). Sadly, Venus then moves into the humdrum House of Routine on the 16th. Not to fret, though. Why? On the 20th, the swaggering Sun-in-Aries joins Jupiter (again in your Romance sector). Venus/Jupiter indicates a kind of sweet love. Aries Sun/Jupiter suggests something a little more bold. Indeed, Aries wants what it wants and goes for it. If you’ve been pussyfooting around romance or not saying what you mean to a special someone, it’s time to get more sure-footed toward the end of the month. Take some of that Aries fire and courage–and make your own moves. True, Aries can be gruff and sometimes aggressive. But it also lends us the strength we need to move forward, where before we were merely on pause.


It’s not very often that your ruling planet, Saturn, moves signs. But lo! On March 7th, the Taskmaster Planet switches out of Aquarius and into watery Pisces. Neither you (nor your ruler) are quite sure about this transit, which will be impacting your Communication zone for the next three years. Nonetheless, the Cosmos is asking you to make lemonade with it, so how might one align with a seemingly incompatible energy between your Saturnal Goat nature and the looseness of the Fishes? Pisces is the poet of the Zodiac. While its influence on communication won’t give you technical prose (like we find when reading the user’s manual of our food processor), you should look at this fact as a blessing. Work with Pisces energy around March 7th (but also as a theme for the next few years) by adding more of your personality to communication. Be less formal, where applicable. Work on style. Take some classes on rhetoric. In other words, merge your Saturnal yen for planning with the loose poetics of Pisces to craft a fresher online voice or persona, for example. Pisces wears its heart on its sleeve. You don’t need to go that far. But a little more ballet slippers on your prose could help communication in both your professional and personal life. Saturn has also just left your Money zone after three years of restrictive energy. In addition to ballet slippers on your prose, maybe spurge on going to see some ballet with a friend or helpmate. Celebrate Saturn’s exit from your Money sector by spending a bit of money this month.


Farewell, Saturn. It leaves your Identity zone after three years. You should feel gratified for having just crossed the finish line, like some exhausted Marathon runner, worn down but triumphant inside. To celebrate the official end of your this transit, let’s not talk about Saturn. Enough of that for a bit. Instead, Jupiter and Venus (our two Benefics) waltz through your Communication zone until March 16th. This part of the chart is social and light (it represents easy business, errands, short trips). In other words, these planets, especially butterfly Venus, are perfectly placed for a breezy couple weeks. On the 20th, the aggro Aries Sun joins Jupiter in your Communication sector. If the first part of the month is about sending Thank You notes, the Aries phase augurs more oomph. The Ram wants to tackle big projects. It’s also a somewhat selfish energy, so anything having to do with self-promotion, or promoting your brand, or writing a bio for your upcoming art show will receive an extra bit of narcissistic Aries flair come March 20th. Expansive Jupiter’s placement in the Ram should help fan any self-promoting fires, too.


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