These are the zodiac signs most affected by the upcoming Virgo Full Moon

virgo full moon

The Maiden is a demure sign. Unlike showy Leo, say, it doesn’t like the spotlight. It does its best work behind the scenes. But during a Virgo Full Moon (which always occurs during Pisces season), the Maiden gets to shine a bit more. As such, its energy – practical, orderly, prim – offers us an alternative to the prevailing dreamy impracticality and messy empathy of the Fishes. The advice around a Virgo Full Moon usually becomes something like: celebrate its earthy order vis-a-vis watery Piscean laissez-faire. This general advice is even more pertinent for this Virgo Full Moon lunation on March 7. Yet, while we are going to need some practical energy on this date to moor us, it’s also going to be hard to come by. Why so?

For one, this Virgo Full Moon shares March 7 with titanic Saturn’s ingress to Pisces, which marks the biggest and most disruptive transit of the year. If a Virgo Full Moon is like a safe harbour, Saturn-in-Pisces could rock our boat.

To contextualise: for the past three years, Saturn has been in Aquarius (a sign it rules and feels comfortable with). Now it passes into Pisces–a sign it doesn’t feel comfortable with at all. But we should be clear. The feeling is mutual. Pisces (ruled by expansive Jupiter) is none too pleased with Saturn’s repressive energy heading toward it. Saturn wants to play by the rules (and enforce them) but Pisces doesn’t have any at its house. It’s a lax host.

This unease around the Full Moon could have us at sixes and sevens emotionally. Where do we stand with that date we met last week – should we play it Saturn-distant or overflow with honest Pisces intensity? In other words, there are complex, passive aggressive cosmic motions afoot, due to Saturn’s disorientation on the 7th.

But this Moon is doubly hampered in a way. In addition to Saturn-in-Pisces, Mercury (Virgo’s ruler, and hence the ruler of this Virgo Full Moon) is also splashing about in Pisces. It's even less comfortable there than Saturn. Mercury wants to move quickly, to get stuff done, to solve problems, to send and receive goods, and to provide services. Pisces stymies that. When this sign and planet mix, the Messenger loses out, resulting in a kind of Mercury retrograde, but without the retrograde.

Amid all this hectic transitional energy, with a debilitated Mercury to boot, intensify efforts to find solace in little things, in routines around the house, in daily rituals, in the seemingly humdrum rhythms of a commute to work, in the unheroic glory of a clean kitchen counter, in a well balanced meal, in the satisfaction of closets neatly folded, or in the prismatic gleam of a newly waxed floor. Keep it extra practical and small of scale–but also note that you’ll need to be diligent, in this regard. You don’t want to be swept out to this Saturn-in-Pisces sea.

Which of the zodiac signs are going to be the most impacted?

Now, while this will be a bit of a sad trumpet lunation for us all, some signs will feel it more than others. To wit:

Mutable signs are in for some topsy-turvydom. That means: Gemini, PIsces, Sagittarius, and, of course, Virgo. Each of these are receiving a “hard” aspect with the Moon. A hard aspect denotes when a sign is in opposition (180 degrees), square (90 degrees) or conjunction (0 degrees) to another planet. These hard aspects are jarring and challenging. These signs might find themselves agitated by the chores on their list. Still, make sure to get them done.

In comparison to the mutable signs, the fixed ones can expect a slight reprieve. Saturn has been forming a hard aspect with Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, and Taurus for the past few years. That means these signs will have a less stringent Saturnal influence during this Virgo Full Moon. Floors will be waxed with greater ease and fewer agitations than the mutable signs.

Finally, Cancer, Aries, Capricorn, and Libra. Jupiter (our benefactor who always sees something special in us even when we don’t see it ourselves) is making favourable aspects with you all. Jupiter can help counterbalance Saturn somewhat, helping you align with the practical nature of the Virgo Full Moon. In other words, you might whistle while you work…but with Saturn in the lunar picture, it’s still work.


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