The Venus in Taurus transit is the perfect time to enjoy some downtime

venus in taurus

From March 16 to April 11, prepare for a plush three week Venus in Taurus transit, made all the more sweet, given where Planet Love is leaving from. Pray tell.

Since Feb 20, well-coiffed Venus has been experiencing an extended bad-hair-day in uncouth Aries. The Ram is downtown, to Venus’ uptown girl. Ruled by libidinal Mars, Aries is a young, fiery, impatient, impulsive place – boisterous and loud, bumping and grinding. Picture Little Italy in the 1950s.

Ritzy Venus doesn’t do well in this part of town. And while Planet Love has been trying its best of late to bring Venusian beauty, charm, and love to the Ram, Venus-in-Aries transits are ultimately shallow: romance tends to feel tawdry, emotional connections facile, talk cheap. In the end, Planet Love always emerges from these Aries jaunts with a high heel broken.

But now, Venus is coming home to Taurus, ready to take a nice, long, candle-lit bath, while listening to Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major and sipping champagne. See, Taurus is all the things Aries is not: steady, luxurious, sensual, secure, grounded. It’s like the interior of a lovely, calm brownstone somewhere on a tree-lined street in the West Village, safe from the acidic snake hiss of the city outside.

What activities should you do this transit?

To align with the earthiness of Venus in Taurus, then, we should think about engaging in the following kinds of activities over the next few weeks: planting, gardening, savouring, Netflixing, napping, pampering, decadently disregarding diet; stretching out amid ultra high thread counts in lux boutique hotels with discrete patios, their tabletops italicised with the glint of wine glasses lightly poured.

In short, Taurus is all about enjoying the finer things. This makes sense, given its fixed earth nature. Here we have a worldly sign that takes its time as it dines. It never rushes. This tempo is perfect for Venus, which needs to feel secure and safe in order to work its magic, to spread its perfume through the universe, and to slowly kindle our love and desire. Where Aries is fast, Taurus is slow. And that’s key for Venus to flourish in our lives.

We should, of course, be a bit circumspect here and give you the caveats that come with a Venus in Taurus transit, such as: beware of too many lazy Sundays that stretch into Wednesdays, which stretch again to Sunday. The shadow side of this placement can be ignoble ease or sloth. Too much decadence.

Venus in Taurus can also shade toward neediness – always wanting assurances from a partner in the hope of thereby gaining an ever firmer sense of security. Try not to alienate a beloved by seeking claustrophobic comfort.

These little disclaimers aside, we should enjoy this halcyon transit. It only lasts three weeks, alas. Yet even within its cherry blossom brevity, some days will be more charged than others.

The most challenging days during the Venus in Taurus transit

March 24-26

The Moon leaves Aries (where it helps inaugurate the astrological New Year) and joins Venus-in-Taurus, where it is exalted. Like Venus, the Moon doesn’t do well in Aries, so it will be extra powerful joining up in sisterly solidarity with Planet Love in the Bull. This is an extra lovely conjunction for sweet emotion, holding hands, and heartfelt expressions to friends, family, a beloved.

March 30

Wildcard day! Oddball Uranus meets Venus in the sky. Uranus is about surprises and randomness, where Venus-in-Taurus prefers steady, consistent energy. As such this day could be a bit jarring. Yet, sometimes the seemingly off-chord has the effect of sweetening the harmony when we return to the tonal centre of our lives. Be open to the possibility of new experiences this day, like meeting unconventional people who may have some professional or romantic insight.

April 8

Venus “sextiles” dreamy Neptune. Unlike a difficult “square” aspect (that is, planets at 90 degrees apart), a sextile is an auspicious aspect that augurs harmony (planets at 60 degrees). This Neptune/Venus sextile, in particular, suggests a bit of extra glamour in our lives (Neptune is associated with art, cinema, and Hollywood extravagance). Accordingly, think of the 8th as a day to do something cinematic yourself with a romantic partner. Re-enact a scene from a favorite rom-com or erotic thriller. Keep in mind, however, that Venus “opposes” the Moon in Scorpio on the 8th, which may bring up some drama on the set. If any kerfuffles arise, be like the Bull (calm, grounded) to get the best take.

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