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Truth Be Told: Inside Nyaluak Leth’s first solo poetry exhibition

nyaluak leth

Words are small pouches of meaning. Share them, allow them to exit your mouth and they burst, falling on the skin of another, sticky, dewy, ready to absorb. No one understands this more than Nyaluak Leth, poet, actor and model. After years of whittling words into something more than the sum of their parts, Leth presented her first solo exhibition, Truth Be Told, on July 27 at Prim Haus in St Peters.

The exhibition was a send off of sorts, Leth is travelling to London and all her peers gathered to witness the culmination of a decade of hard work. Broken up into two sessions – sunset and moonlight – the poet presented Truth Be Told in the industrial studio with floral arrangements by Poho Flowers peppered throughout. The space was split into a series of rooms, each representing a different chakra, and guests filed through each stage, Pals seltzer in hand, as they answered questions from a booklet and read affirmations tied to the poem and art pieces they encountered.

It was a community effort and friends and family joined forces to bring Leth's vision to light. One room featured projections of Leth's poetry curated by Sydney-based digital artist, Nema Adel, meanwhile graphic designer Suresh Shan created a limited run of merch for guests to purchase, which Leth tells RUSSH sold out within the first hour. As for the ambient atmosphere? That was achieved with the meticulous ear of DJ Teejae Mai.

As Leth took her seat wearing Anna Quan among the guests to speak her poems, she was supported by Sarsha Simone, who performed original music created for the evening. There to take it all in were the familiar faces of Basjia Almaan, Bernie Van Tiel, Yasmin Goonweyn, Maina Doe, Raveena Grover, Muna Sib and Miski Omar, along with the lens of Arvin Kumar. See Truth Be Told at Prim Haus through the photographer's images, below.

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