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Barefoot at Camp Cove – inside RUSSH’s autumn purist breakfast

It was a sunny morning in Sydney when RUSSH held its first event after many months. In perfect synchronicity, it was the first day of sun after a two-week rain storm.

Tucked away in a corner of Camp Cove, RUSSH hosted a breakfast for its community of purists and creatives. A table stuck in the cool morning sand and surrounded by a scape of littered driftwood from the heavy rain, it was an intimate affair. An idyllic 'welcome-back' to in-person connection.

Sunscreen was essential but shoes were optional as the gathering relaxed in the autumn sun in this serene part of Sydney's East. Squishy, powdery sand underfoot, and the cityscape framing the backdrop, it was a picture perfect scene.

The guest list included some of Australia's favourite creative minds, models and content creators. In attendance were the likes of Reem Elnour, Mana Mackay, Bella Thomas, Nyaluak Leth, Yasmin Goonweyn, Bridget Hollitt, Jadé Tuncdoruk, Sean Brady, Mana Mackay, Christelle Scifo and Anna Feller - along side RUSSH editor-in-chief Jess Blanch.


The intimate gathering shared breakfast bowls from the Camp Cove Kiosk around a table adorned with fresh fruit and essential skincare The Moisturizing Soft Creme from La Mer. A moment of laughter and joy, guests were invited for a swim in the ocean or to explore the surrounds following the refreshments.


Almost at the year anniversary of Sydney's coronavirus mandated lockdown and isolation period, this shared meal with community was a sweet return to life and relationships. And also a reflection of our approach to what is to come. A slower pace, a more intimate setting and more time spent connecting with the world around us.

As the group shared stories from the last year, sitting sun-kissed under the azure Sydney sky, it was a delicate reminder as to why our face-to-face experiences are so cherished. A moment in time, shared with friends.


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