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13 music releases we’re listening to in November

november music releases 2022

November's soundtrack is the break from our brain we'd be craving. 1300 is jerking us out of our end of the year stupor with their blood-pumping track CARDIO!, meanwhile others like Lolahol, Cub Sport and Flight Facilities are blessing us with tunes fit for the dancefloor. As for the other November 2022 music releases we're yet to press pause on? Find them below.

1. The Mind Palace, Ash Lune

Release date: November 4

Born in Mumbai and based in Brisbane, at the beginning of the month the 23-year-old dropped The Mind Palace, a five-track EP with all the trappings of siren song. Ash Lune's unbothered breakup track Sugarcoat is our favourite on the record, with saccharine vocals and plenty of attitude.


2. Best Friend, ASHWARYA

Release date: November 9

With mermaid red hair, killer style and an emotion-charged voice to lose yourself in, ASHWARYA is a pop-star in the making. It makes sense then, that the 23-year-old would open for Dua Lipa at her intimate St Kilda performance, the two are akin and spirit and nothing echoes this more than ASHWARYA's latest release Best Friend, a sweeping, soaring ballad.


3. Go, Lolahol

Release date: November 9

It may seem obvious now that Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon would drop music, but this was never part of the plan. Intensely private and intent on doing things her own way, Leon's thing happens to be dance, although she's also modelled and as we've since learned, can sing too. With the help of Eartheater, Leon has released her first album, Go. It's sultry and alien, with a 90s feel. One to vibe out to, that's for sure. Not Pussy and Locke & Key stand out.


4. all my friends are high, bella amor

Release date: November 10

By now we're well-acquainted with the earnest and radically honest world of bella amor, her tracks radiate with youth and the subsequent growing pains of growing up. all my friends are high evokes the sense of being at a party, but feeling entirely alone. One for sad queens to listen to as they walk home.


5. Lift Me Up, Rihanna

Release date: November 11

Us Rihanna fans have been waiting, parched and delirious, for a shred of music to come our way. Imagine our literal tears when it was announced she was dropping, not another Fenty line, but a song for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Add to the bill that RiRi is headlining the Super Bowl, with a documentary to follow, well, we'll be savouring the crumbs for another eight year drought.


6. Replay, Cub Sport

Release date: November 11

Locate your dancing shoes and strap them on immediately. This is a euphoric one from Cub Sport. Replay is a house-infused track primed for solo-dancing with a single dramatic tear gliding down your face.


7. Panna Cotta, Winston Surfshirt

Release date: November 11

Collaborating with a dream lineup of artists like PRICIE, Genesis Owusu, Milan Ring, and more, Winston Surfshirt has whipped up a sweet treat for all you hungry listeners. It's a soulful album, with There's Only One and Of Another Kind offering a boppy moment with jazz-inspired textures.


8. Lost Forever, Flight Facilities

Release date: November 11

All the tracks left on the cutting room floor from Flight Facilities' last album have been weaved into something more tangible. Shout out to Planet Claire which has become a mainstay of the bands' setlist over the past year spent touring. Another one designed with dancing in mind.


9. So Much Wine, Phoebe Bridgers

Release Date: November 17

Wake up babe, Phoebe Bridgers has dropped her annual Christmas cover. Continuing her tradition of reimagining festive tunes for charity, Bridgers' latest instalment latches onto the Handsome Family's So Much Wine with all proceeds from the track going directly to the Los Angeles LGBT Center. If you need another reason to sink your teeth in, vocals from her fiance Paul Mescal also feature on the track.


10. And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow, Weyes Blood

Release date: November 18

Last time we heard from Natalie Mering AKA Weyes Blood it was 2019, a year before the world would experience the collective trauma Covid-19 caused. If you find her sound melancholy before, know that the three year hiatus has done nothing to improve her mood. Good, we say. Because it gives sad girls like myself something to relate to. As you were.


11. Primal Design, Maina Doe

Release date: November 23

Just like honey on the ears. Primal Design mirrors the sensation of being swept up and spun around in the cocoon of love. Time fades, priorities melt away, all that matters is the sound filtering out of your headphones and the person in front of you. The music video is equally as sensual, with cameos from local Sydney creatives Basjia Almaan, BV, Reem Elnour and Chief Maez.


12. CARDIO!, 1300

Release date: November 23

Ever thought 1300's music make a great workout playlist? Here's one that's guaranteed to get the blood pumping. 1300 told the ABC it's a tongue-in-cheek reference to fan responses. "We thought it'd be funny because we all don't do any exercise at all. We're like asthmatic, don't do any exercise, don't do cardio ever." Either way, CARDIO! has jolted us out of body into the land of the living.


13. Vicious, Danté Knows

Release date: November 25

Hailing from Brooklyn, Danté Knows' latest track Vicious paints a sonic landscape with a rhythm that lands like punches to the gut.


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