What to take from the November Beaver Full Moon and its Eclipse

Full Moon

Another Full Moon will be greeting us on the evening of November 30 at 8:29.

This one is called the Beaver Full Moon. Like the Corn Full Moon or the Sturgeon Full Moon, this one also takes it name from Native American lore. This Moon signalled the time that beavers would take shelter for the winter ahead. As such, it signals the start of the Northern Hemisphere cold season and the Southern Hemisphere warm season.

This is the first Full Moon we'll experience after the chaotic Halloween Blue Moon from last month. And be warned that this particular Full Moon will not be free from surprises and sudden changes either. Why? Because this Full Moon will come with an eclipse - a partial penumbral lunar eclipse to be exact. Physically, this means that the Moon will move into the Earth's shadow and will only be partially visible during its peak.

What exactly does this mean for us energetically, and what should we take away? Well, lunar eclipses are astrologically significant. Ordinarily, Full Moons are times where energies around us come to a crest, sometimes even a boiling point. But an eclipse can intensify this phenomenon, triggering intense change, surprises and can turn the ordinary on its head.

This means that you will need to prepare for a twist of fate. Embrace change and be willing to accept the illumination and discoveries provided by the Full Moon with open arms. This will be an early test ahead of the Grand Conjunction coming to us in December. We will all need to ready ourselves to accept the change the universe has to offer us.

Our November Full Moon falls in the sign of Gemini - which is mostly good news. Gemini is a sign of adaptability. So, although this Moon and its eclipse will be here to throw us a curve ball or two, the energy from Gemini will help us mould to and accept what we're given. When life gives you lemons, as they say.

But it's important to know that Gemini is also impulsive. With all the astrological twists and turns ahead, it's best not to let this energy in. Impulsiveness will not serve you well on the brink of change. It's best to keep an open and level mind and not lean into a desire to make rash decisions. Embrace the change that comes to you, but don't force it to happen.

Now is an excellent time to direct yourself towards a hobby like writing or painting. As the Full Moon brings our energies to a peak, channeling that energy into a healthy, creative pursuits can be very helpful. Especially as we are influenced by Gemini's talkative and outgoing influence. It's best to put this feeling towards creating rather than letting chaos of the eclipse transform Gemini's social energy into something counter-productive - like the desire to gossip. This is something that will not do you any favours during this last part of an astrologically tumultuous year.


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Image: Unsplash