Here’s how the Full Corn Moon in September will affect you

Full Moon

Tonight September 2, we'll get a look at September's Full Moon in Pisces.

This Moon is called the Full Corn Moon. Much like the Sturgeon Full Moon or the Strawberry Full Moon, this one draws its name from a similar place. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, the Native Americans named the Full Moons based on the season in which they occur - this one is the Corn Moon because it is when North America will start harvesting corn.

There is a little confusion this year as many were expecting the Harvest Moon - not the Corn Moon. But the Harvest Moon is the one that falls closest to the autumn/spring equinox (September 22 or 23). And this year, that Moon is actually the one on October 1-2. In fact, October 2020 will actually bring us a rare Blue Moon with two Full Moons in the one month.

September's very early Full Moon falls in Pisces. And if there was one theme for the effects of this Full Moon it would be change. It might be just the thing we need to help us adapt to all the craziness we have experienced this year.

Pisces is a spiritual and creative sign, so the Moon in this sign can offer a burst of creative and inspirational energy for some. But for those who are sensitive and a little emotional already, this sensitivity can be heightened - and there may be feelings of insecurity.

Things are a little more complicated when we look at Uranus, which is currently in retrograde. Uranus is a planet of chaos and change, and with it in retrograde, we do need to be ready for surprises. The Full Corn Moon comes at a time where the Moon is forming a sharp angle with Uranus, but that's actually good news. It will help bring forth positive change and allow us to welcome new things with a happy and excited frame of mind.

So while, this can be an emotional time for the most sensitive of us, it's good to know that we'll mostly feel positive vibes coming from this Full Moon. The best approach is to go in with an open mind and be ready to embrace what you're offered. And be ready to accept the extra rush of creative energy courtesy of Pisces.

The Moon will be at its fullest at 3:22pm - but you'll still get a great view of this celestial event as darkness rolls in around 6pm.


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