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The messenger: your Gemini horoscope for 2020

PIAGET necklace; beauty by Estée Lauder.

Body ruling: Hands
May 21 - June 20

My, how you have a way with words, Gemini. We love the way you can take a complex emotion or experience and distil it down to a few digestible syllables. Your genius inspires us to use our words to find understanding and peace within ourselves.

But this year, Gemini, you may not need words to describe your transformation. Pluto, god of the underworld, has been long at work in your eighth house of intimacy and sharing your life with another. Pluto has been holding a mirror up to your partnerships so you can see the imbalances and the imperfect truth. Whatever role you play in relationships will no longer suffice – Saturn is going to push you to approach your partnerships with brutal vulnerability and gentle compassion throughout 2020, so you can come out the other side with a deep understanding of how to be yourself with another person. Saturn has asked you to create boundaries and structure in these intimate relationships so that you can continue to grow side by side. How have your partnerships evolved over the past year? What do you still need to do, and what do you still need to ask for in these relationships? What are you scared to acknowledge in your intimate life?

It is hard enough to be ourselves, let alone to be ourselves with another person in the mix. Luckily Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, will join forces with Saturn and Pluto this year. Jupiter will light up the areas of partnership that bring you joy. She will remind you that leaning on another person can feel intensely meaningful. And she will help you discover that being loved for who you are is even sweeter. Since Uranus, the planet of change, will be in your twelfth house of the subconscious, these relationships will force you to confront your hidden patterns. If you have repressed fears or desires, Uranus will ensure that you expose them to your partner for the sake of intimacy. Imagine being loved because of your complexity, not in spite of it.

Let yourself be seen in partnerships this year, Gemini. Let them see your pain, let them meet your needs, and let them love your skeletons until you have no choice but to love them too.


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PHOTOGRAPHY Kelly Geddes @ Vivien’s Creative
FASHION Natalie Petrevski & Ellen Presbury
MODEL Adrienne Shaul @ Kult
HAIR & MAKEUP Teneille Sorgiovanni @ Lion Artist Management using Estée Lauder