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Ready for a Normal People reunion? Marianne and Connell are returning

Normal People reunion

The Normal People reunion you've been waiting for is coming soon.

Your new favourite star-crossed lovers Marianne and Connell will return for two episodes, set in the future. And it turns out it's for charity.

Actors Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal will be reprising their roles from this Friday June 26 for Comic Relief initiative by Irish broadcaster RTÉ. The episodes are apparently set 40 years from now.

There's no word (that we're aware of) of the return of Connell's chain. But there have been hints of a mystery guest star.

In a teaser thanks to RTÉ, Comic Relief co-founder Richard Curtis shared that the Normal People reunion 'bits' were "so much better than anything we’ve ever made."

"I mean I can’t even say [everything] about it because there’s a guest star in it. But it’s really, really beautiful. One of the things about Comic Relief is it just gives opportunities for things to happen that would never happen. I can’t imagine any context in which they would have allowed this little sort of extra special guest into the world of Normal People."

Given Comic Relief's track record, we're predicting less brooding and a little more laughter than the original series. But don't take our word for it.

To say the least, we're intrigued.


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The Normal People reunion is only screening in Ireland and Northern Ireland. But we're hoping the internet will oblige soon after. And if you want to make Paul Mescal happy, why not donate to the charity they're raising funds for (in a COVID-19 initiative), in return for the entertainment.

If two more episodes featuring Mescal and Edgar-Jones isn't enough to satisfy the Normal People-sized hole where your heart used to be, revisit our ode to Connell's chain. Or find your very own, here.