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Behold, Connell Waldron’s chain rises to fame


If you have a pulse, you will have found it hard to miss that Sally Rooney's globally loved second novel, Normal People has been adapted into a TV show. It aired on Hulu and BBC on the April 28 to a throng of emotionally charged super-fans. While the novel was arguably one of the most popular reads of 2019/18, the TV show has become an internet sensation. Die-hard fans and non-readers alike are completely engrossed in the story of two teenagers, Connell Waldron and Marianne Sheridan, and their beautiful, painful, frustratingly fractured relationship.

With varying opinions and reviews of the show, there is one thing that has stood out amongst it all. A peacemaker, if you will. And it comes in the form of Connell's chain.

The thin silver links sit atop his often sweaty Irish chest throughout the entire show, and it is a most unexpected viewing pleasure. Now, one Instagram individual has taken it upon themselves to be the hero we didn't know we needed. They've started a fan account for none other than this fictional piece of jewellery, and it already has more followers than you'd ever imagine. Although unsure what exactly has us feeling so hot and heavy about this singular necklace, I do know that at least 76,000 people are girding their loins in the face of it.

Perhaps it's down to sentimentality, how this large, hot, blue-eyed Irish beefcake - who appears to have the emotional range of a grasshopper - is actually just a weeping, sensitive boi who hates change (and seemingly, telling a certain SOMEONE that he loves her) and treasures things that are dear to him.

But the chain fixation doesn't stop there. The humble horny chain has caused a 200% spike in worldwide chain sales, according to eBay. If this isn't enough to convince you of the next jewellery trend, we're unsure what, at this point, will.


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