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Book club with Netflix, anyone?

As we well know, some of the most compelling releases on Netflix have been adapted from even more gripping novels. Anyone that fell down the rabbit hole that was The Queens Gambit will have likely tossed up reading the book of the same name from Walter Tevis. The same applies to period drama Bridgerton - a tale that was confined to the pages of Julia Quinn's beloved series before it landed on our screens. Now, Netflix has tapped our thirst for the OG source material behind the some of streamers most popular titles, with the announcement of a virtual book club hosted by Uzo Aduba, no less.


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Over Instagram, Uzo Aduba - our favourite person to watch from Orange is the New Black - unveiled the first title to kick off Netflix Book Club and it's none other than Nella Larson's PassingWith the film adaptation featuring Ruth Negga and Tessa Thompson set to land on the streamer on November 11, it's an opportunity to plunge into the story which explores race, belonging and identity before we fill in all the blanks with Rebecca Hall's vision.

As host of Netflix Book Club, Uzo Aduba will be curating our reading list, selecting titles that have been adapted into film or television series's by the streaming platform. At the end of each month, after we've read the book and revisited its' filmic version, Aduba will bring the author and cast together to discuss both works and the relationship between them.

Considering that there is a trove of books Netflix has given the on-screen treatment to, we can count on a couple of years worth of reading and watching material to while away the hours. Fingers crossed Maid is next up on the list.

So if you're bored of Reese Witherspoon's Book Club or are simply looking to switch up your reading habits, Netflix Book Club is a promising place to start.

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