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Here’s where to watch Rebecca Hall’s directorial debut ‘Passing’


Sundance Film Festival darling, Passing might heading to Netflix. Deadline reports that the film directed by Rebecca Hall could end up streaming on the platform as part of a $15.75 US deal.

It's good news for those of us who have been hoping and waiting to see the film. It's received an incredible critical response so far and has been adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name. So, naturally there is a requisite amount of hype surrounding the project. Here's everything we know about it so far.


What is Passing about?

It's the story of two women living in New York City in 1929. Both are women of colour and are old acquaintances from high school. But they have more than that in common. Both of them are able to "pass" as white women, but find themselves on opposite sides of the colour line in segregated New York.

Clare lives on the white side, married to a white man who has no idea of her identity and heritage. Irene lives on the other side in Harlem and is married to her black husband. The story shows their carefully constructed realities and explores issues of race relations and gender identity in America.


Who stars in Passing?

A star-studded cast bring Passing to life. Clare is played by Ruth Negga who you will remember from Award-Winning film Loving. Powerhouse Tessa Thompson takes on the role of Irene. Andre Holland and Alexander Skarsgard fill the supporting roles as the husbands.


Who created Passing?

This film is the directorial debut from Rebecca Hall. She created the script, an adaption for screen from the original 1929 novel by Nella Larsen.

Rebecca Hall has a personal connection to the story through he bi-racial heritage. Hall's mother is opera singer Maria Ewing who has a white mother and black father - Hall's grandparents. Ewing (like Irene and Clare in the story) was able to "pass" as white and knows firsthand how complicated this experience is.


When can you watch Passing?

Passing is yet to receive a theatrical, video on demand or streaming release date. Although the official release says January 30 2021, in line with it's premiere at Sundance.

With news of a potential Netflix deal, we hope to see this important film on streaming as part of Netflix's promise of one new movie a week in 2o21.


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