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Jisoo from BLACKPINK is officially working on a solo record

jisoo solo album

If you've been following BLACKPINK over the years, you'll know that along with creating two albums, almost all four of its members have a solo album to their name – almost. Out of Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo, the latter of the foursome is yet to make her solo debut, until now. After much speculation, we can confirm that Jisoo of BLACKPINK is currently recording her first solo record, per a statement from YG Entertainment.

Although, it's taken Jisoo a little while longer to announce her solo venture, she hasn't been idle. Rather, she put her solo career on the backburner to focus on her interest in acting, which paid off when she landed the role in K-Drama Snowdrop back in 2021. Then there's her duties as a newly appointed ambassador for Cartier and her long-standing connection with Dior.

“BLACKPINK Jisoo is currently working hard on recording her solo album," YG Entertainment announced. "She has completed shooting the album cover and has been putting a lot of work into her music, as promised to her fans. She will soon come to BLINKs with good news," the press release continued.

Jennie was the first BLACKPINK member out of the gate with a solo track when she dropped SOLO in 2018. Next came from Rosé in early 2021, and later LALISA from rapper Lisa. It only makes sense that Jisoo would step in to establish her own individual sound.

At this stage, few other details are known about Jisoo's upcoming solo project, other than the fact that she's finalised an album cover, which means she would definitely have a name too. However, if you're hungry for the latest in music from BLACKPINK, we're yet to tire of listening to the group's second album Born Pink or it's many tracks like Pink Venom or Jennie's Moonlight

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