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Jennie performs new track “Moonlight” during BLACKPINK’s global tour

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Back in July we received official confirmation that BLACKPINK would be dropping its second album soon after months of speculation. That album turned out to be Born Pink, and it's become our life source since it was released in September this year. But do you want to know the best part of this news? Besides the obvious fact that we now have fresh tracks like "Pink Venom" to plug into our ears on loop, is the announcement that the new album would be accompanied with a global tour, or the BLACKPINK Born Pink World Tour, as we now know it.

As any BLINK worth their salt will know, the tour kicked off in Seoul last night and all the fan footage confirms that it's every but as special as we could imagine. According to YG Entertainment the tour is set to be the largest in the history of K-Pop girl groups and it's scheduled to arrive in Australia in 2023. And guess what? It only gets better.

During the performance in Seoul, Jennie treated audiences to one of her unreleased solo songs, entitled "Moonlight". So not only did attendees get to see BLACKPINK perform its entire album for the first time, they were present for a performance from Jennie, which all but guarantees the singer has her own fresh music on the way.

Jennie was the first BLACKPINK member to release a solo album, doing so in 2018 with the single simply titled SOLO. In the years since, Lisa has come out with LALISA, Rosé delivered "GONE" and Jisoo is expected to make her solo debut in the foreseeable future too, having been preoccupied with K-Drama Snowdrop instead. Jennie hasn't been idle either, appearing in the video clip for "Shinigami Eyes" by Grimes and making her cinematic debut alongside Lily-Rose Depp in A24 film The Idol series.

Watch a clip of Jennie of BLACKPINK as she performs "Moonlight" to audiences in Seoul, below.

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