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Jennie from BLACKPINK has entered her bad girl era in HBO’s ‘The Idol’ series

There's been a whirlpool of changes surrounding HBO's series The Idol. Earlier in April it was announced that its co-creator, The Weeknd, was unhappy with the creative direction of the series and scrapped majority of the episodes. It's original director Amy Seimetz walked out. In her place, Sam Levinson stepped on to helm the project alongside The Weeknd and Reza Fahim. Britney Spears may also have a cameo on the series. Keeping up? Neither are we. However, there was one rumour swirling about that made total sense and it was the possibility that our girl Jennie Ruby Jane from BLACKPINK would make her acting debut in the series. And according to the most recent trailer for The Idol, the rumours are true.

I mean, the series does centre a female pop-singer, albeit one who becomes entangled with an LA club-owner and undercover cult leader. And given that the leading role has been filled by none other than Lily-Rose Depp, who like Jennie is also an ambassador to Chanel, with Troye Sivan and potentially Britney Spears onboard the show, it's only natural to increase the starpower of The Idol by throwing a member of BLACKPINK into the mix.

So what can we expect from a Jennie Kim cameo? While any specific plot details are being kept under wraps, the trailer shows us that Jennie will have a much larger stake in the series than we first expected. Which is how it should be – she's dripping with main character energy. Going off the trailer, it appears Jennie is Jocelyn's – Lily-Rose Depp's character – right hand woman and the two are filmed sweating it out in the club together. More importantly, the flash of Jennie's smile is all that's needed to tell us her character has a bad girl streak.

Seeing as the rumours are true, Jennie is the second member of BLACKPINK to add actor to their résumé after Jisoo took on the role of Eun Young-ro in the K-Drama Snowdrop, which premiered last December.

At this stage, we're just sitting tight until the series drops. In the meantime, you can get a glimpse of Jennie in the trailer below, or brush up on the plot, release date and cast of The Idol here.

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