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Jennie from BLACKPINK looks otherworldly in the music video for ‘Shinigami Eyes’

If there's anything we've gathered from our time devouring the every move of each member of BLACKPINK, it's that you can never predict what they'll do next. Whether it's in the realm of fashion or the arena of music, Jennie, Rosé, Lisa and Jisoo know how to keep us on our toes, especially since the chic foursome are masters of collaboration. After all, their respective partnerships with Chanel, Saint Laurent, Celine and Dior can attest to that. But in a collaboration that none of us saw coming, Jennie has joined forces with elven musician Grimes for the latter's latest space opera style music video, Shinigami Eyes.

As with anything Grimes touches, Shinigami Eyes is drenched in the supernatural, futuristic and mythical. It's a synth-heavy romp through another dimension and Jennie is onboard for the ride, literally. Around the halfway mark of the music video Jennie appears alongside Grimes on top of what seems to be a spaceship zooming through a vivid, strobe light-filled portal. Jennie is wearing a David Koma crystal bralette underneath a red biker jacket and leather pants, looking like a sci-fi dream. It's safe to say we're here for Jennie, and Jennie alone.

What are Shinigami Eyes?

If you can manage to take your eyes off of Jennie and slip into the music, you may be wondering what on earth are Shinigami Eyes? While in Japanese folklore Shinigami is a plural for creatures of darkness and harbingers of death like the Oni and Kitsune, what the song refers to is the manga Death Note where characters with red shinigami eyes have the ability to see people’s names and lifespans. It's very on brand of Grimes and an exciting change of pace for Jennie from BLACKPINK.

You can catch Jennie from BLACKPINK in the music video for the new single Shinigami Eyes, below.

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