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BLACKPINK star and Chanel ambassador Jennie has been confirmed to star in the new Coco Crush campaign

Jennie Chanel Coco Crush

When we're in desperate need of fresh fashion inspiration; it's simply impossible to look past the sartorial trendsetters that are BLACKPINK. Taking the world by storm as much through their music as they do with the head-turning looks they effortlessly sport, Jennie, Rosé, Lisa and Jisoo have become ultimate muses in their own right. Their successful ambassadorships with some of the world's leading luxury brands evidence enough of the influence they hold. As one of the many millions of people hooked by BLACKPINK's power; we'd be lying if we said we weren't constantly waiting in anticipation to see what the girls were going to do next. As it turns out, its Jennie who's taking centre stage, with the news that the artist will front the upcoming Chanel Coco Crush campaign.

As we've seen, Jennie and Chanel's partnership has been one of longevity; and as time goes on, the BLACKPINK star has been continuously paving her way as one of the House's most in-demand ambassador. The announcement that Jennie is set to star in the Chanel Coco Crush campaign – confirmed to land in January 2022 – should come as no surprise to fans and admirers of the brand alike. Coco Crush, one of the House's most iconic fine jewellery collections, has always embodied a spirit that "says no to established paths"; embracing the joy of life, love, passion and creation. A sentiment that shines through in Jennie's effervescent personality.

Though we don't know much just yet about what the campaign will involve, what we do know for certain is that Jennie will be dripping in the quilted motif – a signature of Chanel's unmistakable Coco Crush design. While Jennie is no stranger to the luxury House's ready-to-wear collections, as we saw when the star fronted Coco Neige collection, we are thrilled to see her bring her own style codes and personality into the realm of fine jewellery.

Stay tuned for more details to come on Jennie and Chanel Coco Crush to come.


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