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Kitty Callaghan on Sunday sun and finding a little bit of summer magic with the help of Kathmandu

In partnership with Kathmandu

Sometimes the best Sundays are those stripped back to the bare essentials, a bit of sun, a dash of sea and a little lazé living. Following on from our Picnic Series, Contributor Kitty Callaghan takes a deconstructed approach to the summer picnic.

A long dawdle along the coastline with a magazine in tow and a bit of sun protection from Kathmandu. This feels like the start of summer.


My magazine of choice - Diner Journal, a publication exploring art, literature and recipes. Mmm.

On the note of recipes, I didn’t think my day could get any better, then I stumbled across the Mapo gelato van. One scoop of chocolate and one of blood orange, thanks. They sure have the recipe thing figured out.

Being so sensitive to the sun (and sometimes just in general haha), then realising only recently that I, in fact love the ocean and spending as much time as I can near it, has come with its wariness. I pretty much burn from sitting outside at midnight on a full moon, so SPF 4000 applied every 10 minutes, is usually the best approach for me. At least thats the way my Mum made it out to be growing up.

With this in mind, finding a light wearing long sleeve top is a whole new world for me -  I can enjoy the sun and make the sunblock bottle go a little further. Then I found the  SUN-Stopper range from Kathmandu, and I was ready to take on the world on my Sunday walk.

Doing laps and lounging in the sun, I guess my picnic was more of a beach swim, but it was great to wear the Kathmandu SUNStopper hooded top as I am so sensitive to the sun! Such good, lightweight fabric, it was perfect for the scorching Australian rays.

As the sun sets and the sea breeze starts to hit, my WND-Chaser Jacket comes in handy.


I hope you too, can find a little magic on your Sunday.

And if you need a little help shielding yourself from the sun, shop the Kathmandu SUN-Stopper range.

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