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Sundance drops ‘Am I Ok?’ the latest buddy comedy exploring the sweeter spectrum to coming out

Am I Okay

There is something about the subtle details of love in queer cinema that always peaks our interest. We've seen with films like Call Me By Your Name how the sweetest details can turn into the most complex intricacies within relationships. It's true, this friends to lovers trope is tried and tested in the film world, it seems almost impossible to imagine a different approach. Thankfully, we have been given the gift of a charming buddy comedy version in Am I Ok? The first directional debut by partners Stephanie Allynne and Tig Notaro.


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Am I Ok? brings charm to an otherwise sensitive topic of coming out, looking at the comfortable relationship of two old friends. The film stars Dakota Johnson as Lucy, who at 32 realises she has never come to terms with her sexuality. The title of course acts as a reference to Lucy's own internal questions of selfhood and coming out. But rather than coming from a position of trouble or vehement hate, the overall message is one of warmth, and humour. Giving the green light to those initial uneasy feelings when exploring queerness.

The film acts as a guide for young women struggling to come to grips with the questions around the topic; with the directors driving home the message that not all coming out stories are ones of deep internal trauma. Giving a new way of seeing the complex and developing interpersonal relations between two women in cinema. Never really trying to be more though-provoking than necessary, it strikes all the saccharine chords of a romantic comedy with some ridiculous scenarios thrown in for good measure.

The film premiered at Sundance this past weekend and we expect it will be making the rounds over the film festival circuit with an official release date still yet to come.

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