What will the Flower Full Moon in Sagittarius mean for you?

Full Moon

Look before you leap!

May's Full Moon will arrive on the 23rd, with the fullest point at precisely 11:53pm AEST. Be warned, this moment comes with many influences at work. For those who live in Australia, the Moon will cross over from Scorpio into Sagittarius at around 9pm, just a few hours before the Moon reaches its fullest point. So although this Moon technically is in fiery Sagittarius, we'll undoubtedly feel the influence of Scorpio too.

Also known as the Flower Moon, this Moon takes its name from colonial and Native American origins. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, this Moon tended to signal the point where it was warm enough for flowers to bloom.


What to expect from the Full Moon in Sagittarius?

The Moon Cycle is just that - a cycle. It flows in an energetic wave, with the dip coming at the New Moon and cresting at the Full Moon. As the energetic peak, this can be an intense moment that is known to heighten sensitivities and flare moods. It is also a time of revelation, where the hidden influences and secrets can uncovered and illuminated. High energy, moodiness and sudden realisations are all symptoms of the Full Moon. These are especially felt by the inner self, since the Moon rules your inner-most identity.

Full Moons are also the perfect time to allow unwanted feelings to come to a head so you can shed them and move into the rest of the Moon Cycle unburdened. Anything that doesn't serve you should be purged so you can proceed with a clear path ahead. This is also the time that the fruits of any manifestations could be ready for harvest. If you've been hoping for a call back for a new job, maybe a credit card acceptance or a last minute holiday opportunity to arise, this is the time you could expect good news.

Of course, we also need to consider the influence of Fire Sign Sagittarius. Bold and fearless, Sagittarius lights up a room with it's life-of-the-party and free-spirited energy. This Moon will have you feeling energised and ready to take on the things that you might not ordinarily feel capable of doing. Where the New Moon in Taurus has us wanting to stay in and explore all manner of indulgence, the Full Moon in Sagittarius will be like a shot of adrenalin to the system. You'll find yourself accepting that last minute invitation to a night out, being ready to make the first move with your new flame and have plenty of energy left over to crush your goals at work.


How to approach the Full Moon in Sagittarius

Use your energy wisely - and always look before you leap. Our Full Moon will have us feeling confident, refreshed and ready for action. So it's important to put this energy to good use while you have it. Make new friends, grow your existing relationships, put in that extra hour or two at work, start planning your next holiday, do the research you need to do to launch your side-hustle. This coffee shot of optimism is exactly what you need to kick start the things you've felt too sluggish to do previously. Take advantage of it while it lasts.

At this time, the Moon will sit in opposition to the Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Uranus who are all conjunct in Gemini. While many consider oppositions to be a hard aspect, they can also be interpreted as offering balance. Gemini is Sagittarius's complementary sign, and the influence of the Sun in this social sign means you'll feel less at odds with yourself. Your inner self and our outer self will feel aligned to the same goal; socialising. Instead of feeling like you want to leave a party as soon as you've walked in the door, you'll find more joy in connecting with the people around you. The energy of these aspects will serve as a unifying boost of optimism, rather than feeling like an angry clash. This is emphasised by the Moon's harmonious trine and sextiles with Neptune and Pluto.

Remember though, the Sagittarius love of risk taking and spontaneity sometimes borders on folly. You'll need to remain level headed and use your common sense. While Sagittarius is not the biggest fan of plans or structure, laying down a vague framework can help you channel yourself into the most worthwhile pursuits. And help you avoid making big mistakes. Also note, Sagittarius is a big fan of blunt honesty in their no filter approach to life. Make sure your words don't get you into hot water. Choose them carefully, even if you feel pulled to say what you think.

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Image: Altınay Dinç on Unsplash

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