May’s New Moon in Taurus will make you crave pleasure

New Moon Taurus

Many of us are happy to wave goodbye to April. Farewelling the chaos of Aries season, Mercury Retrograde and the intensity of eclipse season means we move into May and the next lunar phase with a clean slate.

Heralding in this moment of refresh, our next New Moon arrives on 8 May at 1:21pm AEST. Falling in the Earth Sign of Taurus, this particular Moon brings the calming, cosy vibes many of us have been craving - all the while having us seek pleasure wherever we can find it.


What to expect from the May New Moon in Taurus

New Moons are always a point of refresh. As the energetic low point of the Moon Cycle, consider this a moment of reset. What's done is in the past, and we now have an opportunity to recalibrate and focus on what we want from the next phase. This New Moon will arrive in the height Taurus season and offer a welcome reprieve from the intensity of the previous Aries season. Taurean energy is almost the antithesis of Fire. Is is about creature comforts, slowing down and finding pleasure through indulgence. The Moon rules our inner self and can deeply affect our moods. As such, you can expect that this Moon will have you hunting down luxurious restaurants, treating yourself to more than a few new purchases and cancelling plans to recline on the couch with a very good bottle of wine.

At this moment, our Moon will be conjunct with the Sun, Jupiter, Uranus and Venus who are also sitting in Taurus at this time. Looking at Venus in particular - the planet of love, passion and sex - we will see the Taurean influence echoed across these areas of ourselves too. The Taurus desire for sensuality and indulgence in Venus will have your libido all fired up. You'll crave carnality, passion and the sense of connectedness that comes from truly giving yourself over to pleasure.

As lady luck would have it, Jupiter in Taurus will add a touch of magical sparkle to this whole moment. Jupiter in Taurus is a recipe for optimism and a content life. This planetary position also helps us hone in overcoming challenges. As much as Taureans love to indulge, they're also no stranger to hard work. Combined with the dusting of good luck courtesy of Jupiter, you will find that you'll have no problems in achieving the things you previously thought were unachieavable.



How to approach this New Moon

This New Moon gives you the opportunity to shed the energy and themes that do not serve you. The last few weeks have been intense to say the least, and now you need to truly focus on removing yourself from any negative headspace. Take a moment to reflect on what we want to invite into the next Moon Cycle, and what is going to help you recalibrate. Remember, New Moons are generally the best time to manifest. If you have any big changes coming up that you need to go your way, but your energy into envisaging the future you want.

On the whole, this New Moon promises to be the deliciously indulgent break that most of us need right now. But of course, there are pitfalls you'll need to watch for. With five celestial bodies sitting conjunct in Taurus, the high pressured influx of Earth Sign energy has the propensity to throw us out of balance. Taurus, while a sensual sign, is still an Earth Sign. And these signs have a propensity to brush off sensitivities and intellectualise emotion without actually feeling it. It means that you might have less tolerance for the the feelings of others. Try to remember that emotion does not always need to be rationalised and that sometimes the people around you simply need a shoulder to cry on.

In a similar vein, this Taurus Moon will beg you to indulge in anything and everything, which tends to be bad news for your bank account. While the desire for pleasure and newness will be strong, keep your financial goals at the front of your mind. There are always ways to have your cake and eat it too. Maybe your form of comfort could be a wine and movies, rather than a new designer wardrobe.

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Image: kylefromthenorth on Unsplash

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