The upcoming Jupiter in Gemini transit will have a major impact on every sign

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The last time Jupiter appeared in Gemini was between June 11th, 2012, and stayed in this mutable air sign until June 25th, 2013. There’s nothing like looking back at cultural phenomena that coloured that time to potentially see what we could expect. We had the end of the Twilight saga and Breaking Bad, the hit song Get Lucky by Daft Punk ft Pharrell Williams (that we all couldn’t get away from), and when Vine was still in the upswing. Gemini is all about communication, writing, sharing ideas, and of course, indulging in some good 'ole gossip. Yes, we all do it, none of us are squeaky clean. And, so once again, Jupiter moves into Gemini from May 25th 2024 to June 9th, 2025.

Jupiter is in 'fall' in Gemini, meaning there's a slight discomfort for this particular planet and sign to fit like a glove. As it tussles between philosophical thought and strategic thinking, which can be a bit contradictory. Gemini’s totem is the 'twin' and reminds us that aren’t we all full of contradictions? In this light, Jupiter in Gemini will help us to smooth over the parts of ourselves that we disown or can’t understand, so that we can see ourselves in a holistic light.

So, if you’re a neurobiologist with a keen interest in vintage cars and gothic fashion, then accept all of those parts of you. Commit to being all of it, without trying to shove parts of your identity into the dark. It’s important to remember that not everyone is going to understand you, and that’s fine; those aren’t your people. Be grateful for those lessons anyway as you can count on Jupiter in Gemini to help you connect with more like minds, with folks you can freely put all of those pieces of you on the table.

Embodying the archetype of ‘The Fool’

For all my tarot girlies, when you pull out 'The Fool' from the deck, you know it’s time to go down a less travelled road. Well, Jupiter in Gemini is just that, but in terms of a new way of thinking. Both the Fool and Gemini remind us of the importance of looking at life with innocence and wonder. When we don’t give ourselves the freedom to ask new questions or even ponder ideas that have been swimming in our psyche, we can often feel stagnant. So, when you embrace the Fool, best believe that your imagination can give you a new lease of life if you give it a chance.

Becoming the student

What does it mean to be a student of life? Well, for me, it means not letting my assumptions of how things are, or how things can go, rule over my ability to actually just sit, watch and see what unfolds. No matter how old we become, there is always something new that life can teach us. The moment we think we’ve got it all figured out, that’s when we know that we’ve fallen into the trap of 'limited thinking'. Synchronicities occur when our minds are not made up, when we can admit to ourselves that we ‘don’t know’ the way forward. Be willing to listen to whatever life presents. That random event that messes up a plan could be the very thing that sets you on the track you didn’t know you were looking for, but you absolutely needed.

Expand your mind

If you’re a Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, or Pisces, you may feel the urge to learn something new the most. All of a sudden, you may have a frantic urge to pick up that course you promised yourself you’d study from 10 years ago. It could activate a creative fire in you that could jolt you awake, so step out of the way and let Jupiter fan those flames. Go and sign up for that hypnosis course or even cooking school, as something inside of you, you could say your ‘soul’, is ready to write a new academic chapter in your books. Hey, you may even turn one into a main or side business, but it’s important that you centre play and joy, as that is what makes your heart beat, not just sheer financial prospects.

Welcome new collaborators

Gemini can be a socialite and often has a jam-packed diary. You’ll probably see them with different friends from all walks of life, who they literally befriend in random corners of the earth in their constant pursuit of adventure. As Jupiter spirals into Gemini, a synchronistic meeting could change your life through the power of a new creative friendship. So, broaden your horizon in terms of your network, and see everyone with a non-judgmental heart. Humour and some witty hot takes will take you a long way.



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Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash