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Meet Dominic Fike, the resident hot boy of ‘Euphoria’

dominic fike

A freshly buzzed head the colour of candy floss, soul-searching eyes, a soft mouth and a jawline carved for the gods. And that's just on first glance. It's true, Dominic Fike has stolen our hearts and it only took the first episode of Euphoria season two to manage it. But what else is there to this enigmatic soft boy figure?

As the unacquainted begin to feel the hot itch of desire take over, we're digging up everything we know about Dominic Fike. Consider this an investigation worthy of the FBI. From SoundCloud success story to breakout star, get acquainted with our new boy crush, below.


He's from Florida


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Dominic's mother was a single parent and raised both him and his younger brother Alex, known by his artist name ALX, in Naples, Florida. For the astrology obsessed, the Black-Filipino-American artist is a Capricorn, which explains his work ethic, born on December 30, 1995 which makes him 27 years old at the time of writing.

When he was 10 years old he picked up his first guitar and his father gave him lessons for a year before he eventually left.


He was already famous

As stans of Dominic Fike will have you know, the singer-turned-actor had a loyal following long before we all started simping for him in his social media comments courtesy of Euphoria. Fike entered the public domain as a singer and rapper after he dropped music on SoundCloud and signed a $4 million contract with Columbia Records — the same label that houses Lil Nas X and Harry Styles.

His first album, Don’t Forget About Me, Demos, was recorded in 2017 while under house arrest for battery of a police officer. He later went to jail for violating the terms of his house arrest and it was during this period that his first album was released on SoundCloud to much hype: find me a person who hasn't heard 3 Nights.

Since then Dominic has collaborated with major artists like Justin Bieber, Brockhampton, Remi Wolf, Anderson.Paak, and in 2020, Paul McCartney for McCartney III Reimagined. If you love Frank Ocean then diving into Dominic's back catalogues is the natural next step.


He was originally meant to appear in the first season of Euphoria


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Originally Fike was approached by Euphoria casting director Jennifer Venditti to audition for season one. He took up her offer and read a Mark Wahlberg scene from Boogie Nights for the audition. Despite making it to the final round of auditions, his character was written out of the show. Until a year later when HBO reached out once more and asked Dominic Fike to audition for a bigger role, which we now know to be that of Elliot. A character, Fike told Variety, that reminds him of his younger self. “I don’t have to do much acting. He’s exactly like me. It’s shit I would say and shit I would do.”


He's now sober


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In the same interview with VarietyFike noted that where he differs from his character is that he is now sober. It was a decision he made to help cope with the pressures of fame, one that he committed to after speaking with other musicians like Justin Bieber.

“I’m taking advice from other people that have been famous longer,” Fike says. “Like, if you have to drink alcohol and do drugs to stop thinking about things people are saying on the internet, you probably shouldn’t read the shit they’re saying on the internet.”


He dated Diana Silvers

2021 was the year of the couple, and in theme with uber hot celebrity pairings Dominic Fike was in a relationship with Book Smart actress and siren Diana Silvers. While they reportedly split in July 2021, we cannot deny the gravitational pull of their coupling. In an interview with GQ Fike gushed about Silvers.

"She's a fucking musical encyclopedia. She knows so many songs," he said. "There will be some crazy song from the '50s playing in a fucking restaurant in New York, and she'll be like, "Oh, this guy from this era and this album." She likes old music, movies, and clothing. It's influenced my music for the better."


On that now iconic Apple face tattoo


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Face tattoos: a bold move to say the least. If you're wondering how Fike got the Apple logo under his right eye, a spot normally reserved for the gang-related teardrop, know that it was actually his brother Alex's idea first. However, it was Dominic who got the logo inked on a whim. "It was so random. Not thought out at all. Same day, I was like, “I’m going to get this.""


Fike is in a relationship with co-star Hunter Schafer


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In a case of art imitates life, Dominic Fike is currently in a relationship with Euphoria co-star Hunter Schafer. In the second season of the HBO series, Schafer's character Jules begins an affair with Elliot (played by Fike). Speculation that the two had begun dating can be traced back to January 2022 and mere weeks later the couple made their red carpet debut at the Vanity Fair Oscars after party.

Since then we've been fed snippets of their relationship through social media, although the couple remain, for the most part, private about their relationship. When speaking to GQ in May 2022, Fike opened up about his romance with Schafer explaining how they both felt immediately drawn to each other while on set shooting Euphoria.

“In those moments your relationship is accelerated because you’re so vulnerable with someone, immediately. Which usually takes a long time,” he explains. “Some people fall in love, like, fucking months after they meet, or years after. We developed an attraction — it sped it up so fast. We just really got to know each other so quickly.”


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