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10 of ‘Queen of the Indies’ Parker Posey’s most iconic films

10 of Parker Posey's most iconic films

In case you missed the news, The White Lotus have announced their first confirmed cast members for season three in Thailand, and among the notable names was one in particular that caught our eye. Parker Posey is an actress that if you didn't know, you should know. Dubbed the 90s 'queen of the indies' for her string of hit boundary-pushing independent films, Posey has curated quite an eclectic résumé.

Below, we round up a list of 10 of Parker Posey's most iconic films and film roles to get you well-acquainted.


1. Dazed and Confused (1993)

Posey's role as high school Queen Bee Darla in the Richard Linklater cult classic Dazed and Confused might only clock about five minutes of screen time, but she's a particularly memorable part of the movie's mosaic of quirky characters. The 90s film was a breakout moment for a couple of other notable acting heavyweights too – namely Ben Affleck, Mila Jovovich, and one Matthew McConaughey (who uttered his famously improvised "Alright, alright, alright" line in the film).


2. Josie & The Pussycats (2001)

What's more iconic than Josie & The Pussycats? Probably Posey's portrayal of bratty archvillain Fiona who simultaneously manages to dress like a 2000s pop star while spouting postmodern dialogue about capitalism. Her look was so iconic, Doja Cat even dressed as her at the 2019 BET Awards some 20 years later. Iconic.


3. Party Girl (1995)

When 23-year-old Mary is arrested after throwing a wild party, and evicted from her Manhattan apartment for nonpayment of rent, she embarks in a new direction in... library science? The plot may seem like a bit of a reversal of typical movie tropes, however, the film cemented Parker Posey as the "it girl" of the era.


4. Superman Returns (2006)

In another turn as the archvillainess, Posey plays henchman to Spacey's Lex Luther in 2006's Superman Returns. Her role as evil sidekick Kitty Kowalski was one of Posey's few blockbuster-type films, and proof that she was able to put out more than just indie flicks.


5. Scream 3 (2000)

From indie queen to scream queen, Posey starred in the slasher threequel as Jennifer Jolie, one of the stars of the film-within-a-film that was Stab. And while (spoiler) her character may not survive the film, she's said more recently that she would be very open to reprising her role in the ongoing Scream instalments.


6.  Clockwatchers (1997)

Starring alongside Toni Collette, Posey is one of a motley group of temporary office girls enduring the 9-5 of corporate life in this comedy-drama. When things start to ramp up in their beige office world, the girls find themselves pitted against one another. It's one of Posey's more restrained roles, but entertaining none the less.


7. You've Got Mail (1998)

When you think of You've Got Mail, you're probably just thinking about Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. But Parker Posey was also in late-90s film. Painted as a villain by her bored boyfriend Joe Fox, book editor Patricia (played by Posey) is the kind of early powerhouse 'girlboss' types that we're not supposed to root for, but that we kind of secretly do.


8. Best in Show (2001)

The mockumentary about a national dog show – and the oddball types who raise the dogs in question – is one of Posey's more unusual roles. Diverting from her usual stylish and enigmatic type-cast, Posey plays the panicked and neurotic wreck Meg Swan, who terrorises shop keepers and therapists. Of course, the film also stars the singular Jennifer Coolidge. It's really not be missed.


9. The House of Yes (1997)

Another of Posey's cult 90s indie flicks is The House of Yes, a comedy-drama film about a delusional and frighteningly unhinged young woman who thinks she is Jackie Kennedy. When her brother comes home for Thanksgiving, her afflictions flip into something much more sinister. The small-budget film was based on a play and funded entirely by Aaron Spelling,


10. Beau is Afraid (2023)

One of Posey's more recent roles was in A24's Beau is Afraid, starring Joaquin Phoenix. The surrealist Oedipal nightmare comedy was written and directed by Ari Aster, and Posey plays Beau's childhood friend and love interest. The role was one of Posey's first film roles in a while – having taken a break to focus on television and live theatre for a while – but she certainly brings her signature blend of kookiness and charm to the silver screen once more.


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