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The best outfits from ‘Euphoria’ season two so far

All of us will remember the chokehold Euphoria had on beauty and fashion in 2019. On an evening out, our eyes were dappled with glitter and intricate eyeliner. And when it came to our wardrobes, we re-discovered our love for Cuban shirts thanks to Rue, layers à la Jules, and sexxed up, strappy pieces as worn by Maddy. So as Euphoria season two is drip fed to us once more and we return to the gutter that is high school, we're curious as to what outfits lay ahead this time around.

Euphoria costume director Heidi Bivens, of Mid90s and Spring Breakers fame, has hinted that we can expect a lot of growth and experimentation in the wardrobes of each character this season. As the themes get darker, the colour palettes are said to follow suit. And since we're watching teenagedom play out on screen, the cast will be trying on new styles as teenagers characteristically do.

In an interview with Vogue, Bivens revealed that as Maddy grows jaded she's reaching for more mature pieces; Jules is wearing less skimpy styles as she grapples with her sexuality; Rue is leaving her comfort zone while Kat is finding hers; Lexi's looks become bolder and Cassie is looking to ultra-traditional ideas of femininity for inspiration as she seeks love and validation.

Bivens has also said that while she emphasised dressing the characters in pieces they could afford in the first season, she abandoned this concept for season two. So if you see Lexi in head-to-toe Miu Miu, you didn't.

With a trigger warning from Zendaya at the forefront of our minds, we're embracing this Euphoria journey together, bit by bit. So join us below, as we round up our favourite looks from the TV series as it slowly unfolds.

Episode 1

Maddy, the queen of bodycon, barely waited for us to get comfy on the couch before delivering this black mini and matching gloves look from Akna — which you can now pre-order on the brand's website. We told you the new season would be completely shoppable. The mood of this outfit is summed up perfectly by her Claire's necklace which says "brat". And don't we know it.


For New Year's Jules is leaning into her appetite for smaller, independent designers with this signature layered look featuring pieces from Orseund Iris, NIHL and Melbourne-based label, Maroske Peech.


Kat has dropped the latex for a custom dress from Mimi Wade.


The scene that had us on the literal, edge, of our seats. Cassie is laying low in a mini dress from House of CB and a student-appropriate pair of Prada sandals.


We're expecting more airtime from Lexi this season and with it a more distinguished style. For the first episode she wore a silk blouse and pant ensemble from Batsheva. Cue more peter pan collars to come.


Faye in a Y2K Sailor Moon halter neck and denim pleated mini skirt.


We wouldn't be doing the first episode of Euphoria season 2 justice without a mention to Fezco's grandmother. She's a certified bad b*tch, as we soon realised in the first five minutes of the episodes opening.

Episode 2

Warning up ahead, Maddy Perez did all the heavy lifting outfit-wise in episode two and you're going to feel it. Here she wears a bikini from Agent Provocateur.


That wardrobe sure does look good, but so does Maddy in vintage Bluemarine.


Maddy rifling around in wardrobe of the woman she babysits for. Naturally, there's this Mugler dress hung up and begging to be tried on.


A whole summer look. Maddy in a bikini and sarong from ROMÉ.


Just like us, Maddy is also a fiend for vintage Blumarine which happened to be a lucky find by way of Eden Vintage on Depop.


Just a girl in a beret trying to make some cash. Costume designer Heidi Bivens whipped up this safety-pinned tank top.


Maddy wearing silver hoops from Mejuri to cap off her distinctly Y2K bowling alley outfit.


There was tension, but not the sexual kind. Lexi is delivering librarian chic while Fezco just needs to whip out the M&M pyjama bottoms again, please.


The peter pan collars are here!


Kat in a grunge 90s midi skirt-band-tee-cardigan combo.


A darker beauty look and outfit won't hide the fact that you need to break up with your boyfriend Kat.


Episode 3

Faye may not say much but her outfits are the silent winner this season.


Jules in Perks And Mini.


Elliot in Telfar and a shirt from the town Dominic Fike grew up in in Florida.


Uh oh. Somebody has to change. Maddy and Cassie awkwardly matching in Akna.


Jules showing some love to Melbourne-based label Maroske Peeche.


Cassie is taking this 4am getting ready business seriously, considering it's all for Nate we have to ask is it really worth it? Maybe if she lands the role in Oklahoma.


Lexi our screenwriter queen! Courreges looks good on you. As does those Nodaleto heels.


Elliot wearing an Acne Studios sweater as he's interrogated by Jules and Rue.


Jules in Claire Barrow and Rue in a Peels jacket.


Jules wearing a KNWLS long sleeve.


There you are, Maddy. She's wearing a silk Versace top and a Coperni handbag, while Kat is in a Maisie Wilen geometric top.


Lexi's Miu Miu moment is here.

Episode 4

Kat wears a custom dress and gloves from Aune Collections.


Fezco looks like an absolute snack in a Polo Ralph Lauren shirt.


Elliot's fun alt boy beaded necklace is from By Lefty.


euphoria outfits s2

Jules' liquor-stealing-look was c/o the Polite Worldwide UTOPIA hand painted shirt.


euphoria outfits s2

For her birthday party, Maddy wore a Marc Jacobs Devon Slip Dress with the necklace Nate gifted her from Tiffany & Co.


euphoria outfits s2

This heavenly satin lime number was crafted by Seth Pratt and inspired by a vintage Blumarine slip dress. I'd be rocking up with flowers too.


Rue is a mess, as per, but at least she's got the very hot lazy queer energy down to a T in these ARIES boxer briefs.


euphoria outfits s2

The only one messier than Rue in episode four was Cassie, who wore a Frankies Bikini swimsuit for the haunting tub vomit scene, and a NA-KD dress while drinking herself into oblivion.


We love conservative queen Lexi, who wore an Olivia Rubin Nora Patchwork Silk Dress to Maddy's party.


Episode 5

Episode five was... a lot. Frankly we were too concerned with Cassie and Rue's wellbeing to linger too long on the looks. All we can offer is this shot of Maddy in a crochet top from Isa Boulder.


Episode 6

Gia our traumatised cutie is wearing a baseball long sleeve from Marc Jacob's Heaven line. Rue has once again turned to her dad's well-loved sweater.


Rue looking cosy in a rare vintage Malcolm X tee by Mosquitohead.


Maddy we're sorry and we love you. Plus this Dion Lee corset top was made for you.

The wardrobe raiding continues, this time Maddy is trying on a purple mermaid sequin gown from Norman Norell. We're glad she received this as a parting gift.


Episode 7

Where we wish we could have watched the 'Holding Out for a Hero' scene from. Kat go and claim your man and Maddy, aren't you glad Nate's no longer yours? Here Maddy wears Jacquemus


Lexi this is your time, you absolute G. Here she sticks to one of her favourite brands for the season, Batsheva.


Lexi's OTT glow up in a Nana Jacqueline minidress alongside a recurring Miu Miu fit. Where is Fez?


It was really nice to see Rue smile in this episode. Especially considering it was the same one where her mum levelled with her and said she could do as she pleases, that it was Gia's turn. Cue the sound of our hearting breaking. For the musical Rue swapped out her dad's hoodie for another old faithful from Peels.


We didn't get much from Jules this episode but we hope she's doing okay.


This could be them, except Cassie can't own up to her choices! Kat wears vintage Jean Paul Gaultier and a Telfar mini bag. Cassie is wearing Nodaleto pumps and a Balenciaga Hourglass in XS. As for Maddy? That's head to toe Jacquemus, baby!

For more Euphoria content to devour while we wait for HBO to drip feed more season 2 episodes, take a look at the most memorable beauty moments from Hunter Schafer, that is once you've dived into our favourite outfits worn by Sydney Sweeney. And if you need a refresher on what's to come, here's everything you need to know about Euphoria season 2.

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