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Harry Styles is launching his own beauty brand – and we might finally have some details on what it could be

Harry Styles beauty brand

We're just going to say it. RUSSH has officially become a Harry Styles stan page. Between his lust-worthy relationship with our queen, Olivia Wilde, to starring alongside Emma Corrin in the highly-anticipated new queer film, My Policeman. We would be lying if we said we haven't spent most of our waking moments wondering what he is going to do next. As is always the case with Styles, he tends to revel in the element of surprise; and his latest project is certainly not one we were expecting. This is a PSA; Harry Styles is adding another notch to his belt, launching into the beauty industry with his own brand.

On May 28, a Styles fan account on Twitter aptly called @TheHarryNews broke the news; sharing a screenshot from the UK Company Directory that showed the musician, actor and fashion aficionado had filed the trademark for the growing beauty company.

If you're currently thinking, 'could this be a stretch?' let us point you in the way of some very useful details. Not only has the company trademark been filed under STYLES, Harry Edward, (which is his full name for those wondering), Styles' assistant, Emma Spring, has also been listed as the company's other director. It's too much of a coincidence for it not to be true.

As for what you can expect from Styles' venture into the beauty world; the document has listed that the company will focus on the "wholesale of perfume and cosmetics." Which, for us consumers, means that virtually nothing is off limits; from fragrance, eye makeup and of course, a Styles' favourite, nail polish – which we might finally have some confirmation on.

Fans are convinced that nail polish might be the first product release from Styles' line, after a cryptic beauty credit in a recent photoshoot of his My Policeman co-star Emma Corrin, revealed some clues. In the nail credits for the shoot, Corrin’s black, white and gloss manicure is listed as being provided by “Simone Cummings for Pleasing at CLM” – which for the uninitiated, is a company with the same name as Styles.

Further evidence of Styles out and about recently has seen him sporting what appears to be merch for the brand; with sweatshirts and stickers adorned with the word 'Pleasing'. We'll take it.

If you're freaking out just as much as us at the news, here are some of our favourite tweets to help you on your celebratory way. No matter what form his brand takes, we can be certain that this Harry Styles beauty venture will be a sure thing. Stay tuned for more details to come.

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