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Our first look at Harry Styles’ beauty brand, Pleasing, is finally here

Harry Styles beauty brand

We're just going to say it. RUSSH has officially become a Harry Styles stan page. Between his lust-worthy relationship with our queen, Olivia Wilde, to starring alongside Emma Corrin in the highly-anticipated new queer film, My Policeman. We would be lying if we said we haven't spent most of our waking moments wondering what he is going to do next. As is always the case with Styles, he tends to revel in the element of surprise; and his latest project is certainly not one we were expecting. This is a PSA; Harry Styles is adding another notch to his belt, launching into the beauty industry with his own brand and we finally have our first look.


When did the news of Harry Styles' beauty brand first drop?

On May 28, a Styles fan account on Twitter aptly called @TheHarryNews broke the news; sharing a screenshot from the UK Company Directory that showed the musician, actor and fashion aficionado had filed the trademark for the growing beauty company.

If you're currently thinking, 'could this be a stretch?' let us point you in the way of some very useful details. Not only has the company trademark been filed under STYLES, Harry Edward, (which is his full name for those wondering), Styles' assistant, Emma Spring, has also been listed as the company's other director. It's too much of a coincidence for it not to be true.


What products can we expect from Pleasing?

As it turns out, @TheHarryNews was entirely correct in her suspicions, with news dropping today (November 15, 2021), that our first look at the upcoming line is here. Instagram beauty account TRENDMOOD, known for always having the scoop on the latest beauty news shared a post to its feed with all the details on what we can expect from Styles' brand, confirmed as 'Pleasing'. If that name sounds familiar, you might recall earlier in the year when the star had been spotted out and about sporting what appeared to be merch for the brand; with sweatshirts and stickers adorned with the word 'Pleasing'. Looks like all the rumours were true.


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Unsurprisingly to many of his fans, the collection will begin with the release of curated line of nail polish; particularly the Perfect Polish Set, which features four shades such as “Perfect Pearl,” “Pearly Tops,” “Inky Pearl” and “Granny’s Pink Pearls.”

The second release will see the star moving into skincare which makes sense given our guy has excellent skin. So far, we know that the offering will include a Pearlescent Illuminating Serum and a Pleasing Pen, which is a cooling steel roller made for the lips and eyes. The pen is dual-sided, with one infused with natural lingonberry, okra and hyaluronic salt to awaken tired undereyes while diminishing signs of aging and boosting hydration. The other side is a demi matte lip treatment with soothing marshmallow replenish lips.


When will we able to shop the first Pleasing collection?

Currently, there is no word just yet on whether Pleasing will be shipping to Australia; but you can sign up for official updates on the site's website. In the meantime, here are some of our favourite tweets following today's news. Quality internet banter, as always.


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