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The Internet has decided Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are dating – who are we to object?


Today on the internet, the Harry Styles fandom has been driven 'Wilde' by a number of images that cropped up overnight of Styles and Olivia Wilde holding hands at his manager Jeff Azoff’s wedding. An action so RIFE with possibility, that it would seem nobody has been able to rest since, and has directed fans to a single conclusion: they must be dating. Right? While it's been mere hours since the news surfaced, this is what we know so far about the alleged romance.


How do they know each other?

In case you haven't been tracking Styles' every move like some of us, the pair have been working together on the set of Wilde's upcoming thriller, Don't Worry Darling, where Wilde hired Styles to replace Shia LaBeouf in her second directorial project back in September 2020.

Not long after (two months, to be specific), Wilde confirmed that her and long-term boyfriend Jason Sudeikis had broken up, leaving a clear pathway for Styles to swoop in as potentially the most world-shattering rebound to ever exist.


Why do people think they are dating?

It all started when the Daily Mail leaked a few pics of Wilde entering Styles house. Not much to speculate on, right? They work together, they are entitled to hang or gather for meetings. Within a few hours, a spectacular plot twist was delivered via Twitter of an image of the two hand-in-hand at Styles' manager's wedding, clasped and all. It seems unlikely, in this instance, that Styles would pile a neat whiskey and what looks like about seven other things into his free hand just to hold that of your boss if it didn't mean something.

According to PEOPLE,  a source stated, "They were in Montecito, California this weekend for a wedding," they told the publication. "They were affectionate around their friends, held hands and looked very happy. They have dated for a few weeks."

Adding further fuel to the fire, Styles and Wilde have been spotted subsequently since their wedding rendezvous, stepping out in Santa Barbara in much more casual, but undisputedly stylish ensembles. The pair seem unbothered by the world knowing of their union, and while we obviously have no verbal confirmation from either Styles' or Wilde, it would appear the internet has already considered this case, closed. See the images for yourselves, below.


What's with the robe?

Part three of this entire scenario focuses on the fact that Styles was spotted kitted out in a towelling bathrobe at the same wedding. Not in the morning after the celebrations, but standing next to the groom - who is in a full tux - in a hotel robe and slippers.

What's more, is that it would appear the actor and musician changed out of the tux he was seen wearing in his snaps with Wilde, and slipped into this more comfortable ensemble. Did this man officiate his manager's wedding in a bathrobe?  'THE ROBE' is now trending on Twitter, and we still have no idea what's going on.

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