RUSSH Loves: beauty favourites from November

As we approach the festive season, more and more new beauty creations emerge. Here's all the newness, plus older heroes, I adored this month.



Chanel Sublimage Le Teint Foundation


This skincare-based foundation is perfect for summer. It's light and glowy, plus offers the same benefits as the Sublimage skincare range.


Charlotte Tilbury Super Fabulous Lipstick

When Charlotte Tilbury released her 90s Supermodel lipsticks in 2019, I ventured into a store at The Grove in LA and was very disappointed to find they were an online exclusive. And the colour I wanted had sold out. So I was thrilled to discover the revamped iteration called the Super Nudes. The Matte Revolution shade in Super Fabulous has been living in my handbag. It's the perfect 90s pink-brown shade.


Douglas Pereira Lipid Elixir Clarify

It looks like a face oil but is actually so much more. This is a product that mimics the natural moisturising factors or lipids of your skin, giving your complexion the nourishment it needs. The result? Your skin produces less of its own oils leading to clearer skin.


Retreatment Botanics Instant Glow Face Masque

This palm oil-free beauty brand creates products that offer a spa-like experience. When you need to feel reminded of an island retreat in Fiji, pull out this masque. The smell will transport you to sultry moment far from here.


Coco & Eve Shower Gel

Sulfate-free body washes are actually quite hard to find, but this one is. It's great for anyone with dry skin.


Dr Lewinn's Reversaderm Glycolic Cleanser

As the warmer weather rolls in, I like to include more exfoliation in my routine to help with breakouts and to lift off the excess oil. This is an accessible option that suits most skin types - except those who are very sensitive. I would only use it every second night however, unless your skin is very tolerant of acids.


Gisou Honey Infused Hair Mask

The cult hair oil has a hair mask iteration. Get ready for glossy bouncy locks.


Biologi Refresh Cleanser

Self described as a serum cleanser, this is a product designed to add nourishment as it gently cleans. It also uses soapberry extract, a natural cleansing agent. This one is great for anyone struggling with their skin barrier function.


Dior Rouge Blush 601 Hologlam

This is the prettiest hue of blush. Wear it to your next candle lit evening out and you'll see what I mean. It takes glow to a whole new holographic level.


Monat Split End Mender

As someone who never gets their haircut as often as they should, a good split ends product is an all-year essential. This one keeps my hair much more manageable.


Serge Lutens L'Orpheline

A scent that conjures images of old churches and well-stocked libraries. It's smokey, leathery and totally enchanting.


Trilogy Microbiome Complexion Renew Serum 

As we learn more and more about skin health, we are becoming more aware of the importance of protecting the microbiome of the skin. This serum is designed to work in tandem with your microbiome while building resilience and vibrancy.


Sunbutter Tinted Sunscreen

Sunbutter, one of my favourite sunscreen brands are back with a tinted iteration. It's perfect for anyone who finds they get a white cast from zinc sunscreens. And of course, it comes in Sunbutter's signture plastic-free aluminium tin.


Ellus & Krue pH Balance Gel Toner

Toners occupy an odd place in the world of skincare. But as a general rule, toners exist to help rebalance your skin, something that was entirely necessary in the days of aggressive soap-based cleansing. While many people don't need one owing to gentler cleaning products, if you are someone who uses a stronger cleanser for whatever reason, a pH balancing toner like this Ellus & Krue formulation will be a real skin saver. It helps to restore the skin barrier and leave you with protected and healthy skin.



Klorane Organic Flax range

Made with sustainably-source flax from France, the Klorane Organic Flax range is designed to help add body and volume to flat hair. It smells fresh and leaves your hair bouncy. My favourite from the range is the dry shampoo.


Circa Raspberry and Rhubarb Soy Candle

A candle that smells like summer and Christmas all in one. There's no easier way to get into the festive spirit.


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