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The Row has released new witchy perfume oils and of course sandalwood is the key note

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We've always known Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen of their painfully chic New York brand would smell like sandalwood and tobacco, and now, with the release of their first fragrance for The Row, we can confirm what has always been subliminally true with their earthy scented roll-on oils.

If you're wanting to smell like the most stylish child-stars turned fashion icons of the modern age, look no further than the three oils, which have been formulated in partnership with L'Oeil du Vert's perfumer Haley Alexander Van Oosten and explore "the elusive essence of Sandalwood."

Van Oosten, who wrote via Instagram, "Over 3 years in the making —3 oils for 2 women who work as 1." is known best for creating exclusive and intricate scents with rare botanical bases. They are, of course, produced in extremely limited batches only, and described to be “represented by the phrase ‘Pasa-thea Cale,’ meaning one beautiful to all,” offering a “distinct olfactory experience.”

There are, as mentioned, three fragrances in the first collection, each naturally representing a letter of the brands name, R, O, and W. “R” is a sensory blend of fresh tobacco leaves, sandalwood, burnt Esfant seeds and rose, while “O” features notes of blue water lily, olibanum and orris. “W,” is a mix of amber, Champa and incense woods. All three oils are available in stores only, which is sad news for us across the world, but no doubt we will somehow get a whiff of the heady goodness in due time.

It's refreshing to see the Olsen twins release new arms to The Row empire, with the cashmere kids line they launched earlier in the year for the most wealthy of toddlers, and now the fragrance which will undoubtedly be a huge hit.

You can head over to The Row’s website to learn more about the fragrances.


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