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Explore Dior’s new odyssey with the latest Rose Des Vents jewellery collection

Dior Rose Des Vents

In reverence of Monsieur Dior's passionate love for divinatory art, French designer and Dior's fine jewellery creative director, Victoire De Castellane, invite us into Dior's latest odyssey with new additions to the visionary fine jewellery collection, Rose Des Vents.

Graced with mother-of-pearls and precious stones, the new additions to Dior's Rose Des Vents are exceptionally thought out from its inception to its craftsmanship. A collection inspired and paying a highly respected tribute to the compass rose founded in Mr Dior's Granville home, the collection envisions to take the Dior woman on a journey of the four winds, designed to be a lucky talisman for any travelling finder and keeper.



Dior Rose Des Vents



An ode to all things celestial and divine, the collection is adorned with majestic moons and dancing suns followed by eight pointed star medallions backdropped by fine diamonds and precious stones. An eclectic but beautiful mix of onyx, lapis lazuli and opaque turquoise gemstones weave themselves throughout the collection, only to be greeted by Dior's fine selection of pink, yellow and white gold. Furthermore, lumined by mother-of-pearl, emeralds, malachite and coral, the collection features Dior's Rose Céleste charms - paying its highest admirations for Monsieur Dior's playful passion for the majestic and divine.


Dior Rose Des Vents



Beholding multicoloured chokers with rice grain settings, eight pointed star bracelets, single stud earrings and long chain necklaces set with delicate diamonds and stones, the new additions have well considered the modern Dior woman in its creation. Delivering a new significance to talisman and lucky charms and campaigned by the face of Dior Joaillerie Cara Delevingne, creative director Victoire De Castellane offer us nothing less of the imagination, inviting us into Dior's new world of fine jewellery that is magical and a touch clairvoyant.

The collection comes complete with invitation to experience Dior's augmented reality with an exclusive Instagram filter and full collection can be viewed here.

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