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Watch the mesmerising making of the Tie&Dior fine jewellery collection

Tie&Dior making of

It's a cliché, but truly Dior's savoir faire videos never cease to amaze us. A behind-the-scenes look at the precision, skill and exquisite craftsmanship involved in bringing Dior pieces to life, these videos are a RUSSH favourite.

The latest inside look comes courtesy of the Dior Tie&Dior fine jewellery collection.



Inspired by the vibrant palette of tie-dye designs, the Tie&DIOR fine jewellery collection includes more than one hundred pieces designed by Victoire de Castellane. An expansion of the universe of Gem Dior and Dior et Moilines, the unique pieces in Tie&Dior blend abstract form and bright colours.




So, exactly how are these pieces brought to life? The Savoir Faire video shows the full story arc. We begin at the moment of sketching, the ideation phase. We move onto a life-sized model made from coloured materials. Little beads are placed and arranged just as the real stones would be - it's so the ateliers can understand how the real jewellery piece will come together.




Then begins the process of piecing together the gold claw fittings. They're all arranged and joined by hand. Precisely. Checked at each stage for placement. Once the gold structure is complete, it's time to add the gems individually, by hand, into their final position. It all leads up to the moment that the final jewellery piece comes together as a whole.

Watch it for yourself below.

Using this artisanal textile dyeing technique as a source of inspiration, is a true testament to the inventiveness of Dior Jewellery.

Tie&Dior pushes the art of realism to its extreme. Victoire de Castellane uses lines gemstones in gradations of colour like punctuation, lending rhythm to necklaces, bracelets, double rings and asymmetrical earrings. These creations embody surprising movement. It's the first time Dior blends a number of exceptional stones in different sizes and shapes to develop a single piece. Round, oval, pear and marquise cuts are all used to highlight gradations of colour from pink to white, and green to grey.

It's free-spirited and even audacious. A series of compositions that reveal a new vein of Victoire de Castellane’s creative streak, and the unique, boundless savoir-faire in the Dior jewellery Ateliers.

You can also watch a video of Creative Director of Dior Jewellery, Victoire de Castellane discussing the new ‘Tie & Dior’ high collection below.

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