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The first of many: Photographer Hugo Comte launches his debut retrospective book

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Emerging photographer Hugo Comte's work has always had a nostalgic quality about it, like a Tom Ford for Gucci campaign brought forward into the world of technology. This is perhaps the reason Dua Lipa decided to collaborate with him on her Future Nostalgia cover, or why Bella Hadid - queen of referencing the 90's - is a repeat collaborator. Now, we can reflect with Comte’s first monograph, a 200-page photographic retrospective book that details the first five years of his short and prolific photography career.


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The book, which remains untitled, is designed by Hugo Comte and David McKelvey, is self-published and will unveil the creatives archives from his young career, complete with both existing and never-before-seen portraits of Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Cara Taylor and Irina Shayk among others.

"The book doesn't have a given title because I didn’t want people to associate any particular thought around this vision of women or the object itself," Comte explains to V Magazine. "I wanted it to remain completely neutral and feel like the images are the title, they don't require an additional label. The barcode is the symbol of the book, which in itself is unpronounceable and is its own language, much like Prince’s love symbol."

If you're familiar with the photographer's work, you'll understand what we mean when we say his images are akin to a technological dreamscape. Meticulous lighting and set designs brought to life by his subjects, always purposeful and present.


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"The book is a hybrid retrospective; putting into perspective archives and new work together, in order to create a new narrative and narrow my identity into a precise vision of attitudes, atmosphere and colours," Comte says. "Creating new narratives between the muses themselves, as well as between the muses and the viewer. The book becomes an object of synchronization, affirmation and contemplation. A style and design manifesto defining an era for the artist and whoever projects their dreams into his imagery."

You can visit Comte’s website to purchase his debut photography book.

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Images: @bellahadid, @irinashayk