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Here’s how to cleanse your crystals

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If you're working with or using crystals on an energetic level - appreciating them beyond their aesthetic beauty - then cleansing them regularly is very important.

Before a crystal makes its way to you, it will have been handled by a whole bunch of different people. And each time your crystal is handled it can pick up the energy of the handler. In general, crystals can pick up and store the energy in their surroundings. But cleansing your crystals will restore them to their original state and help them work most effectively for you.

Once you've learned how to use crystals and which ones you need to use, here are some of the easiest ways to cleanse your crystals.

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Exposing them to moonlight

An easy one, all you need to do is leave your crystals outside and allow them sit under the moonlight of an evening. It's best done under a Full Moon when the light will be brightest and the energy from the Moon is its most refreshing. This method is safe and effective for all crystals.


Cleansing with salt water

This works best if you can get water directly from the ocean, but if you can't, adding salt to tap water will work reasonably well too. Drop your crystals into the water. A minute or two is enough but you can leave them for longer if you like. Make sure to rinse them clean afterwards.

Don't use this method of cleansing for soft of brittle crystals as it make cause them to break or dissolve.


Natural and running water

This is another effective way to cleanse the energy of your crystals. Water from rain or from a stream will earth your crystals and neutralise any energies stored in them. Collect some natural water in a container and drop your crystals in, or let them sit out in the rain for a while. Just remember not to do this with soft, porous of fragile crystals.



The balancing energy from the sun can help to clear out anything stored in your crystals. This one is easy, just leave your stones to sit in the light for a time.



Just as burning sage can clear the energies in the room or space, it too can clear the stored energies in your crystals. Allow the smoke from the sage to circle each crystal. This is a process known as smudging.



Another way to neutralise the energies in your crystals is to earth them - literally. Bury them in the ground for a time and they'll be refreshed and ready to use again. This technique is not suitable for brittle crystals, just try it with the hardier ones.


Using other crystals

There are certain crystals that are effective in balancing and cleansing the rest. Stones like amethyst or selenite are the some of the best choices. Lay your crystals on or near your amethyst, selenite or other cleansing stone. Leave them there for at least a few hours.


Visualisation and meditation

This is a technique that is suitable for those more experienced in crystal healing. But the process involves sitting in silence and visualising your crystals bathed in white light as you hold them. Imagine any negativity or ineffective stored energy wash away. This is a technique you can use for all crystals.


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