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It’s all energy: how to use crystals

how to use crystals

Crystals. By now, we're familiar with the effect they've had on the modern world. As a Byron Bay native, my first ever job was at a destination called Crystal Castle so, safe to say, I'm familiar with the concept of healing crystals.

Much like Palo Santo, they've entered a resurgence in the past few years, and we've seen just about everyone get amongst the trend. From celebrities incorporating them into their homes and designers like Christopher Esber embedding them into their garments, it's clear the crystal trend is here to stay.

With this in mind, we thought it high-time to put together a beginners crash course on using crystals and incorporating them into our lives - or head to our shop for a crystal essentials set.


How do crystals work?

According to crystal experts, crystals have the capacity to hold and exert energy through certain vibrational pitches (which are the same as humans apparently) and are said to benefit and uplift our moods and general mental wellbeing while also absorbing negative energy. The vibrational frequency of crystals is down to their molecular composition, which from the way they move and interact with our energy, can aid in healing the body and mind.

How do you use them?

Crystals are all unique, so there is no specific rule of thumb or routine you necessarily need to adhere to. Depending on the benefits of each crystal, certain stones have care guides of how to look after them best which will in turn, be most beneficial. Each crystal can be maximised based on charging them, cleaning them, placement and the intentions set when deciding where to keep your crystals.

Charging your crystals

When a crystal has been used or sitting in a highly energetic space for a long period of time, it's possible for the crystals energy to become stagnant and natural vibrations tend to decrease. Not all crystals need to be recharged or cleansed as some don't hold or absorb negative energy. Before cleansing or charging, you can check out our crystal guide to help you decide which crystals to purchase, and when/how to cleanse.

For crystals that do need to be cleansed or charged, placing them in the moonlight on a full moon overnight is a great way to do so. Otherwise sunlight, salt water, and burying the crystal (in cases when your crystal becomes very energetically heavy) can all assist in cleansing and charging your stones.

After cleansing your crystals in a way that feels most aligned with your intuition, return them to the spot that feels right and always set an intention around the crystal while doing so.

Where to keep your crystals

While there is no rule of thumb of where exactly to keep your crystals, you may chose to place your crystals in different areas to maximise their effect. For example, Citrine is known to act as a manifesting stone, so it's important to keep them away from doorways to ensure whatever energy you hope to bring in isn't given the opportunity to leave. Many people like to keep crystals that facilitate grounding and clear thinking close to their person, like in a pocket or handbag for frequent energy interactions and reminders to stay grounded and present.

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