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19 books being adapted into film and TV in 2024

books to movies 2024

There is a particular excitement that comes from seeing one of your favourite novels come to life. Thankfully, next year there is quite the list of books being adapted into film and TV. Starting the year off strong with Priscilla based on Elvis and Me by Priscilla Presley, and He Went That Way, both starring Jacob Elordi. With All of Us Strangers also added to the list, followed by TikTok favourite, It Ends With Us, it seems 2024 might just be a really good year for film and television...

Below, we have accumulated a list of 19 books that are being adapted into film and TV in 2024.




Release Date: January 18th

One of Sofia Coppola's most personal films yet, as in true Coppola thematics Priscilla, based on Priscilla Presley's memoir Elvis and Me, explores the themes of isolation and captivity. Written by Sofia Coppola, she honours Priscillas, played by Cailee Spaeny's perspective, as the movie focuses on her side of the marriage with Elvis, played by Jacob Elordi. The Biopic mixed with the coming-of-age genre explores what should have been a fairytale story and takes a dark twisted turn, emphasised by the absence of Elvis's music in the movie he ultimately becomes a normal man guilty of creating a nightmare of a marriage.


He Went That Way

Release Date: January 5th

He Went That Way follows the story of Nate Jacobs as his father's ghost haunts him and he becomes the serial killer we all knew he was. Oh, sorry wrong character, but this story is inspired by Conrad Hilberry's book Luke Karamazov. Following the real-life account of David Pitts, the sole survivor of Rane's killing spree. David Pitts is a celebrity animal trainer who is known for his TV-famous Chimpanzee Spanky, following their three-day encounter of hell with serial killer Ranes. Cast as the serial killer is Jacob Elordi, and Zachary Quinto as David Pitts from American Horror Story, you just know these two are going to kill their roles in a thriller.


All of Us Strangers

Release Date: January 18th

We finally have a release date! Queer British director Andrew Haigh is lining up Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott to play lovers in an adaptation of Strangers, the award-winning 1987 novel by Japanese author, Taichi Yamada. For those who haven't read Yamada's novel, that's completely fine, Haigh has only loosely based Strangers off the source material. However, if you're looking for an indication of what to expect plot-wise, according to Variety, the film revolves around Andrew Scott's character, Adam, who is a screenwriter living alone in London. Following a chance encounter with his neighbour Harry (Mescal), Adam becomes rapidly besotted and as the pair grow close, Adam is drawn to his childhood home where he discovers that his parents, both long dead, are still alive and look the same age they did thirty years prior.


The Outrun

Release Date: January 19th

Saoirse Ronan is back. As a producer and with blue hair. Based on the memoir Liptrot the inspiring story is about living on the edge between the sea and the city life. After Ronan's character is discharged from rehab, after over decade away, she attempts to come to terms with her troubled past.


Force of Nature: The Dry 2

Release Date: February 8th

The second movie to The Dry series follows investigator Aaron Falk, from the outback of Australia. The story follow the case of four missing women that go on a hike, with only one returning. Based off Jane Harper's novel, this mystery adaption will star Eric Bana again, returning to reprise his role as Aaron Falk.



Release Date: March 1st

Based on the novel Spaceman of Bohemia by Jaroslav Kalfar it follows Adam Sandler as the lead Jakub. And no, this is nothing like Sandler's past comedic movies, as this one shares the genre of Drama and Sci-Fi. His character is found adrift in space as he stumbles upon uncharted territories above. Sharing the screen is Paul Dano, Carey Mulligan and Kunal Nayyar.

It Ends With Us

Release Date: January 8th

One of the most popular books by one of the most well-known authors is finally getting a movie – It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. Blake Lively will be playing Lily Bloom and Justin Baldoni who is also the Director, will play Ryle. With no trailer yet released, you can expect this movie to pull on the heartstrings as it follows the love triangle of Lily, Ryle and Atlas. And if you have not read the book yet, I highly recommend you read that first before you see this movie.


Dune: Part 2

Release Date: March 15th

We are going absolutely feral over this one. Finally, we have a date, a trailer and even press tours, that have just started for Dune: Part 2. Continuing to follow the story of Paul Atreides, heir to the house, continues to seek revenge with Chain and the Freman by his side after the conspirators destroyed his family. As Paul's predictions become more foreseeable about the terrible future he envisions, the story follows how he will also prevent it. With most of the cast returning, such as Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya, and Rebecca Ferguson, there will also be new characters played by Florence Pugh, Austin Butler and Lea Seydoux.



Release Date: March 28th

One of the most highly anticipated Sci-Fi movies of the year. Written and co-produced by Bong Joon-Ho, the creator of Parasite and Okja, it is based on Edward Ashton's novel Mickey17. The story takes place in the future on an expendable that has a disposable human employee on board, Mickey, who is sent to colonise the ice world Niflheim. The former historian joins one of the most dangerous expeditions where extraterrestrials and suicide missions are his job. Robert Pattison will play the lead, accompanied by Toni Colette, Mark Ruffalo, Naomi Ackie and Steven Yeun.


The Watchers

Release Date: June 7th

A horror thriller based on the novel by A.M Shine isn't one for the faint hearted. Following a girl, played by Dakota Fanning, as she and three strangers are being stalked by mysterious creatures in an Irish Forest.

The Amateur

Release Date: 8th November

Based off Robert Littell's novel, The Amateur stars Rami Malek as Charlie the cryptographer who works for the CIA. When tragedy strikes his own family, he takes matters into his own hands. You can expect this movie to be an action packed espionage.


Wicked: Part 1

Release Date: 27th November

It feels like forever since we first heard about the making of Wicked, and we now finally have a release date... Unfortunately, it isn't for another year. The musical has been around for almost two decades on stage, and the film will see Elphaba or commonly known as the Wicked Witch of the West played by Cynthia Erivo, and Glinda by Ariana Grande. Our Bridgerton Prince Jonathan Bailey, and queen Michelle Yeoh will also be joining on screen to what is set to be one of the most anticipated movies of the year.



Lord of the Rings: The War of Rohirrim

Release Date: December 13th

Lord of the Rings is back! The second book to Tolkien's series introduces the Kingdom of Rohan, the land of the horseman. The film is a backstory of the Kingdom of Rohan and how they defended their land from Dundlendings. An animated fantasy film, directed by Kenji Kamiyama, and for those unfamiliar with the series, fantasy and adventures is to be expected with lots of mystical creatures.



Fool Me Once

Release Date: January 1st

This mystery novel will be released on Netflix, based on Harlan Coben's book Fool Me Onceo. The series follows Maya as she discovers secrets about her supposedly dead husband as possible reappearances of him have been sighted. The story takes place in England where this mini-series unravels two murders that potentially connect and overlap.



Boy Swallows Universe

Release Date: January 11th

Set in the 1980s, Boy Swallows Universe follows a young boy growing up in the suburbs of Brisbane Australia, where he finds himself facing the harsh realities of life and dangers that threaten his family. With an exceptional cast of Phoebe Tonkin, Sophie Wilde, Travis Fimmel, Simon Baker and of course the lead Felix Cameron, this adaptation of Trent Dalton's famous book is definitely one to tug on people's heartstrings and rip them apart in equal measure.


The Expats

Release Date: January 26th

Author Y.K Lee, who also wrote The Piano Teacher, gave the rights to Amazon to create the series that stars Nicole Kidman as the lead, one of three mothers and wife living the expat life in Hong Kong. Suddenly, she finds herself in in a predicament where tragedy strikes her family and her son goes missing. Exploring the themes of loss and privilege, this series is one to look out for.


Romancing Mister Bridgerton

Release Date: May 16th and June 13th

How could we not talk about Bridgerton season 3? Coming to us in two parts, we finally get to see what happens to Colin and Penelope. And we already know the month in-between the two parts of the season is going to be the longest month of our lives, but boy, are we ready!

The Summer I Turned Pretty

Release Date: July 14th

For all you soapy romance lovers, this season is back. First releasing in 2022, the latest season is based off the second book It's Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han. You can expect lots of heartbreak, love and tragedy – nostalgic enough to put any teenage girl back through the wringer of their first heartbreak. And of course there will be a love triangle, because who doesn't love a little complication in a love story?



Release Date: August 3rd

Another group favourite is back for another season! This volume will be all about Nick and Charlie making their relationship public and navigating Nick's confidence in coming out to the public. This season of Heartstopper is bound to be a tearjerker, as Nick and Charlie's relationship isn't the only one going through some obstacles as their friends too find complications in their life from the stresses of growing up and falling in love.


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