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In a plot summoned directly from all of our fantasies, Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott play lovers in this new adaptation

strangers paul mescal andrew scott

Are we living in the dystopian world of 1984? Is someone breaking into my mind and reading all my incredibly valid (thank you very much) fantasies? Alert the authorities, because it appears so. Queer British director Andrew Haigh is lining up Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott to play lovers in an adaptation of Strangers, the award-winning 1987 novel by Japanese author, Taichi Yamada.

Haigh, who is responsible for titles like A24's 2017 tearjerker Lean On Pete and his memorable 2011 queer coming-of-age debut Weekend, is clearly playing us all like a fiddle, because if there's one thing we can agree upon, it's that this film is clearly for the girls, the gays and the theys, only.


For those who haven't read Yamada's novel, that's completely fine. Haigh has only loosely based Strangers off the source material. However if you're looking for an indication of what to expect plot-wise, according to Variety, the film revolves around Andrew Scott's character, Adam, who is a screenwriter living alone in London. Following a chance encounter with his neighbour Harry (Mescal), Adam becomes rapidly besotted and as the pair grow close, Adam is drawn to his childhood home where he discovers that his parents, both long dead, are in actual fact still alive and look the same age they did thirty years prior.


Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott acting alongside each other warrants another edit of this ongoing Twitter roadmap (IYKYK). Now that we've got the Normal People beefcake and the Fleabag hot priest out of the way, it's time we mentioned the rest of the cast. It's only fair. Playing Adam's stuck-in-time mother and father is The Crown's Claire Foy and Jamie Bell, the (now adult) actor at the heart of Billy Elliot. Overall, it's a very British affair. One we'd certainly buy a ticket to.

What about a release date, trailer, all the other details?

They've got to actually make the movie first. More news as it comes.


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