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Our favourite little freak, Robert Pattinson, has just lined up his next offbeat role

average height average build

After wrapping production on Bong Joon-ho's Mickey17, our favourite little freak, Robert Pattinson, has just lined up his next role. The Big Short director Adam McKay is making moves to begin a new project titled Average Height, Average Build, which will see Pattinson play a serial killer who tries his hand at politics so as to make it easier to get away with murder. Sounds like a rogue premise? The stranger the better as far as Pattinson is concerned. All the details below.


Just like Pattinson's Batman, every main character needs a right hand woman, and in this case Amy Adams is that person. Adams has signed on to act as a lobbyist that Pattinson's character manipulates to get the political outcome he desires. Meanwhile, there's a retired cop still hunting down the killer to a litany of unresolved murders, and Pattinson's character is saddled with the task of trying to throw him off his own scent.

Variety reports that McKay has longed to make a dirty money movie ever since he finished promoting Don't Look Upwhich itself was about government gaslighting in the face of global warming. The plot for Average Height, Average Build looks like it's that wish granted.


As mentioned, Pattinson has signed on to what will surely be the crowning jewel to his resume of offbeat roles. Amy Adams is involved, as is Robert Downey Jr., Forest Whitaker and Danielle Deadwyler.

Is there a release date yet?

As far as we know, Adam McKay has pitched the film to a handful of studios and streaming platforms and is expected to begin production in winter or early spring. Once those details are confirmed, we're sure a release date will follow.

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