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Bong Joon-ho and Robert Pattinson are giving the people what they want by pairing up for a new sci-fi film


America may not have a royal family, but in the event that it did, Parasite director Bong Joon-ho and Robert Pattinson would both hold the titles of the people's prince. Both have benevolently taken over Hollywood (and our hearts) with Joon-ho winning Best Picture and Best Director at the 2019 Oscars and RPatz securing the important title of Male Hottie at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards. And with great power (once again over our hearts and screens) comes great responsibility to keep feeding our insatiable hunger for more films.

That's why it's good news for the kingdom that the two are joining forces for an untitled film adaptation of Edward Ashton's forthcoming sci-fi novel Mickey7 for Warner Bros. Naturally Bong Joon-ho will take the reins as writer and director, while Robert Pattinson is onboard in the lead role. Would we want it any other way?

From what we know about the book, the film will follow Mickey7, an expendable employee who is part of a human effort to colonise the frozen planet Niflheim. Mickey7's role is to step in whenever a job is considered too risky or even suicidal and sacrifice himself for the rest of the team. When we meet Mickey7 there have already been six others like him, a new body created after each death.

When a routine scouting mission goes awry, Mickey7 is lost and presumed dead. When he finally arrives back to the colony after being aided by the natives, he finds that another Mickey has been created in his place. As duplicate expendables are considered loathsome, he must hide the truth about his survival. Meanwhile all around him Niflheim is in chaos: food supplies are low, the atmosphere is unsuitable for humans and the native species are growing restless. We think we have a fair idea of how this will end.

Considering this isn't the first romp through sci-fi for Bong Joon-ho who helped create Snowpiercer and Robert 'Hunky' Pattinson who was phenomenal in Tenet, we're expecting big things from the two.

At the present moment there's no concrete information about when production for this movie will begin but for those who are keen on getting across the storyline, Ashton's novel is set for release next month.

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