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Adam Driver to play an alien-killing astronaut and honestly, the fantasies write themselves

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Reading out the list of Adam Driver roles over the last few years is great exercise for the imagination. Do these Hollywood executives think, "what would happen if we take this big handsome man and make him play a menacing, unwashed knight or a father in crisis mode or say, the same big handsome man, but one that's actually funny?" Because it sure looks like it. Even Quentin Tarantino and Riccardo Tisci have weighed in, in what has ultimately become a game of dress-ups with Adam Driver, the Action Man-type figure at the heart of it all.

Well it appears the latest instalment lands Driver on an unnamed planet, as an astronaut who must fight off aliens, possibly dinosaurs or some other unknown peril, and protect the multilingual nine-year-old keeping him company. There are hints that his character may end up on earth as it was 65 million years ago, but this is yet to be confirmed. Actually, the plot details for 65 (that's the film's name) are scarce. Do we mind being kept in the dark? Not particularly. Are we wishing to trade places with the random nine-year-old in his care at this very moment? What do you think??

Who else is onboard 65?

Admittedly, it's easy to forget that other people exist when Mr Driver is around. But this isn't a solo show. Behind the camera, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods of A Quiet Place fame are responsible for the script, and will direct and produce the film. Meanwhile, Ariana Greenblatt is the titchy face joining Adam Driver in space, and we'll be seeing a lot more of her as she's expected to star in Greta Gerwig's upcoming Barbie movie.

Is there a release date?

After much chopping-and-changing of its release date, 65 will premiere in theatres on March 10, 2023.

What about a trailer?

Alright, alright. Cast your hungry eyes on the teaser trailer for 65 below. Much to our pleasure, it's just 37 seconds of Adam Driver all sweaty and nervous. Yum.


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Image: @gregwilliamsphotography