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Adam Driver is the face of the Burberry Hero fragrance and god, let it smell like a cabinet-maker

adam driver burberry hero

Riccardo Tisci has clearly tapped into the marketing power that is Adam Driver, with the recent announcement that the Oscar winning actor is the face of Tisci's first ever fragrance with the brand, Burberry Hero. What a way to welcome yourself!

While we'll be praying the actual fragrance will smell like a handsome, hulking cabinet maker, the campaign for the fragrance has emerged, and, god, what I'd do to be that horse.

"So excited to announce my first fragrance for Burberry featuring #AdamDriver, more to come this Summer!" Tisci noted on an Instagram following the brands initial announcement. "

"Creating a fragrance is such a personal and intimate process, and I especially felt this for Burberry Hero – my first fragrance for the brand." Tisci notes in a press release. "I wanted Burberry Hero to encapsulate modern masculinity, to play on the essence of primal human and animal instincts, channelling the duality between strength and sensitivity. I am so thrilled to have worked with the amazing Adam Driver to embody Burberry Hero for the house. He has this incredible depth in articulating what masculinity means today – how strength can be subtle, and emotions can empower. Our founder Thomas Burberry was a man who also celebrated that balance, using a powerful but romantic horse as the iconic emblem for his brand, inspiring many of the house codes we continue today." He said.

"I’m very happy to be working with Burberry on this campaign, and with Riccardo Tisci in representing his first fragrance for the brand." Said Driver of the collaboration, according to Burberry Beauty.

In the campaign, directed by Jonathan Glazer with images photographed by Mario Sorrenti, Driver sprints into the ocean, shirtless, with a heroic stallion at sunset. Set to FKA Twigs' track Two Weeks, where she sings "I'd quench that thirst" (same, Twigs!!), they move through the water together in the golden light — horse becomes man, man becomes horse, Adam Driver gets even bigger.


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The fragrance itself has top notes of sparkling bergamot and is invigorated with juniper and black pepper. It is deepened with a heart of warm cedarwood of three distinct origins – Virginia, the Atlas Mountains and the Himalayas.

"Burberry Hero represents the duality between strength and sensibility. A scent that represents the timelessness of Burberry and, at the same time, the sense of modernity. A blend of universality and uniqueness. The scent expresses the animality that is inside each man alongside a true humanity." Said Burberry perfumer Aurélien Guichard. Cedarwood feels cabinet-maker enough for us!

The timing feels very well thought out with the release of Annette on the horizon, the already critically acclaimed musical from Leos Carax starring Driver and Marion Cotillard. Driver plays a comedian and the husband of Cotillard's character - a world-famous singer. Their relationship looks dramatic and passionate and...musical? So much so, that in a recent interview with The Independent  the actress noted that - gird your loins - Driver was quite skilled at giving her head while singing a show tune.

Specifically, "Leos wanted everything to be completely live. It added to the complexity of the set: we found ourselves singing in very complicated positions, doing back-crawling or mimicking cunnilingus; acrobatic positions that technically modify your song " She said. There you have it folks! If the film didn't sound absolutely bezerk (good bezerk) before, this information should do it.

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Image: @burberrybeauty