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Le Labo’s cult City Exclusive Collection is coming back

The only thing, it seems, one can rely on in this world is death, taxes and Le Labo's annual City Exclusive Collection. At least that's how I remember that quote. In a time where we can't travel internationally, at least our noses can. The unique fragrances will be coming back and available to purchase worldwide, both online and in-store this September. Soothing words, I'm sure, for those of you running dangerously low on Gaiac 10.

The City Exclusive Range aims to bottle the scent of our favourite cities around the world. So far the collection offers fifteen different iterations and this year Le Labo has announced a newcomer. Cedrat 37 is the latest addition. Made with Berlin in mind the scent is acidic and fresh with an addictive candied-hook. A balance of ginger and cedrat, a fruit from the Citron family, are championed in this fragrance. The NYC parfumerie never misses.

Alongside Cedrat 37, our old favourites will still be available. Whether yours is theĀ Anna Karenina-inspired Benjoin 19, a warm and woody scent for Moscow. Or London's Poivre 23, a peppery and resinous scent. You'll have ample opportunity to hoard and stockpile bottles this September.

And for all you beauty-loving, Le Labo fiends, they've just announced the Hinoki hair mask. Name after the slow-growing tree from Japan, the product is a nourishing and conditioning hair treatment. The mask is made from plant-based ingredients like spirulina oil, coconut oil and sunflower oil. Perfect for those looking to opt out of any chemicals in their beauty routine. In addition to the mask, Le Labo have launched a Basil Body Cream, a versatile product that will compliment any beauty regimen. Like all the most luxurious body moisturisers, this one is buttery, emollient and intensely hydrating. You'll want to bathe in it.

For more information on how to purchase from the City Exclusive Collection, head over to the Le Labo website.

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