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Mia Goth takes the lead in this new X-rated horror film from A24

Horror is a dish best served by A24. Midsommar, Hereditary, these are all titles that had us squealing into our pillows. Now the production company is bringing us an X-rated, bloody thriller that follows a group of porn stars who travel to Texas to shoot an adult film.

Of course, the hair-raising part of the movie, simply titled X, comes when the film crew and stars think it's a good idea to shoot on the property of an old Texan couple. Granted, they've been given permission from the couple, but as an audience you can't help but think "for the love of god, do not stay in that old mans barn". Alas, they do.

As you can imagine things get extra creepy once night falls, when the filming is complete and they all doze off after a hard days work. Yes, the old fella did mention that his wife was ill, but he definitely glossed over the part where she would pay each character a visit in the night.

Helmed by director Ti West, the film has been crafted by those with an established love for the horror film genre. Mia Goth stars as the leading lady, a fresh-faced, naive woman who is entranced by the adult entertainment industry. Goth's horror resume includes, an appropriate last name for one, Suspiria and A Cure For Wellness. She is joined by Kid Cudi, Jenny Ortega, Martin Henderson, Owen Campbell and Brittany Snow in a Southern belle-type role.

You can watch the trailer for below. As with all A24 horrors, don't be deceived by the idyllic landscape or the macho overconfidence of the male leads, you know as well as I do that those people are the first to die. As for the fate of Mia Goth of Brittany Snow? You're just going to have to wait until hits theatres on March 18 to find out.

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