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Zazie Beetz and Regina King are the gun-slinging outlaws we’ve prayed for in the trailer for ‘The Harder They Fall’

It's time to put crusty old Westerns in the bin. We won't need them once we're done watching Netflix's trailer for new film The Harder They Fall.

Just this morning Netflix dropped the trailer for The Harder They Fall. And it certainly looks like our grandads favourite genre is getting a long overdue revamp. The streaming giant is brushing out the cobwebs, blowing away the dust and cracking open a new era. Leading the charge? It's director Jeymes Samuel, no less.

The Harder They Fall follows two gangs of outlaws; one of which is led by Rufus Buck who is freed from prison as the trailer begins. Rufus, played by dreamboat Idris Elba, is a feared and fearless cowboy equal only to his right hand woman 'Treacherous' Trudy Smith - played by Regina King. As for the other crew? Jonathan Majors plays Bucks' nemesis, Nat Love. Nat helms a band of unruly types including gun-slinging Stagecoach Mary, played by Zazie Beetz (!!), Edi Gathegi and R.J Cyler starring as hot-tempered Bill Pickett and fast-drawing Jim Beckwourth, respectively. Both gangs come up against each other in true wild west fashion - lots of bullets and whole heap of blood.

Why are we so hyped for the new release? Well, aside from its' formidable cast, it helps that Jay-Z is taking the reins as the films producer. Not only that, but he's pulled out all the stops and teased us with an original soundtrack which features a track with Kid Cudi.

All of us can look forward to October when The Harder They Fall is set to arrive in cinemas. Otherwise, if you wait a little longer you'll be able to plunge into the film on November 3, where it will make its debut on Netflix.

Below, you'll find the trailer for The Harder They Fall. Consider it essential watching for your Wednesday.

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