Your Virgo horoscope predictions for 2024 have officially landed

virgo horoscope 2024

Your sign is often referred to, in popular astrology, as being associated with the Virgin. To dig deeper into this, ‘virgin’ comes from the Latin word, Virgo. And while a virgin in our culture is often seen as pure and innocent, original and earlier meanings of this word suggested an individual who was self-possessed and free, untied. This feels much more powerful and true to your archetype.

Lilith, this mystical and intangible gravitational point that warps our Moon’s orbit around Earth into an oval, moved into your sign in October last year and will be here for her full gestation period of nine months until June 29th. Lilith’s backstory is an epic tale of feminine sovereignty, individual power and being cast into the shadows because of this. She is the hidden knowledge we have whispered to one another for centuries, our hidden powers that we learnt early on to keep on the downlow. As she moves through your Sun sign, this transit will be enquiring into how tall you stand in your world, to how you inhabit yourself as a sacred temple unto yourself. Lilith is no shrinking violet, are you?

You can also utilise this transit by tapping into more of your instincts – her primary function of messaging – using your strong body wisdom as both conduit and oracle this year. Your ruler, Mercury, will have its regular yearly retrogrades, this time almost exclusively in the fire signs – except for a short foray into your sign when it retrogrades on August 5th before moving into Leo where it will remain until August 28th. Having these retrogrades in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius feels like a very strategic time to look at where you are applying your fire in your life. Fire, as an astrological element, is related to our self-expression, it’s how we take action in our life and harness our willpower.

As an archetype that has come here to self-actualise your skills, talents and desires out in the world, what are the longer-range directions you are moving towards this year? And how does that trickle down into your daily and weekly habits? This is where you have the capacity to be masterful. Take note of how daily life feels and be aware of the inner critic or the possible disgust at beginning a thing, not immediately being a genius at it and wanting to throw it all away. Virgo is craft energy that becomes the master through earthly repetition. If you can catch the self-talk and it feels limiting, bringing in some humour and laughing can really diffuse the emotional charge of negative self-critique. Loving kindness towards yourself can go a long way, as can finding the value in down time.

Pluto will once again retrograde into Capricorn from Aquarius from August 31st - November 18th in a supportive aspect to your sign. This feels like an opportunity to survey your longer, big-scale desires and directions. Do they still feel true and vital to you? There’s an opportunity here to find the root of your motives in relation to your roles and responsibilities out in the world. And naturally, the more aligned they feel, the more juice you will have in the tank to pursue them.

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